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Over the past forty years, Baltic Sea Glass has made a name for itself as a creative development centre for glass art of international calibre. Unika comprises Baltic Sea Glass’s production of large one-off works of glass art. The creation of a Unika product is a journey through a creative universe, with Bornholm’s scenic splendour as the enduring source of inspiration. Works can be inspired by the movement of seaweed, the meticulous patterns of maize cobs or the perfection of bird feathers – all embodying the ubiquitous DNA expressed through the Unika creations. As the name suggests, each work has a unique expression, created by lead designer Maibritt Jönsson, renowned glass artist Tobias Sode and a team of the most highly reputed glass artists in the Nordic region.


Visitors have front-row seats in the workshop/gallery to experience the glass blowers creating their works of art, against a backdrop of the turbulent sea, rocky coastline and Gudhjem’s dramatic coastline illuminated by sunshine. At the studio, one gets a distinct impression of the exceptional nature of the work involved when glass artists begin breathing life into a Unika object. The delicate, meticulous process imposes high demands on the glass artists’ craftsmanship and artistic method. The results are unique works of art created by the team of glass artists and onlookers – all of whom share an inquisitiveness for the vast potential of glass. Baltic Sea Glass Unika is unique, extraordinary glass art for your home, or for someone you love. The Unika works are on display in the Baltic Sea Glass gallery and can also be experienced at other Danish venues, such as Glasmuseet Ebeltoft.


An intense creative process

Several times a week, the stage is set at the studio south of Gudhjem for the creation of Unika objects. The air of the demonstration workshop is thick with intensity and concentration as the glass artists and the vivid, red-hot material converge in a creative process to produce Unika. The works are developed as a team effort by the glass artists, who continuously develop and explore one another’s ideas and visions for the design and details of the glass.

Member of World Craft Region

Over the years, Baltic Sea Glass has retained its style and DNA with great conviction as originally envisaged by Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner, who founded and jointly ran Baltic Sea Glass starting in 1981. Their strong position within craft art is underpinned by Bornholm’s status as a World Craft Region, and Baltic Sea Glass’s Unika objects notably express a fondness for the unique qualities of Bornholm, designed in glass in seemingly infinite colours and shapes. With a fervent passion for the vast potential of glass, and with Bornholm as an eternal source of inspiration, Baltic Sea Glass Unika celebrates the island, this sustainable material and the immense possibilities of glass.

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