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Baltic Sea Glass, south-east of Gudhjem, has been making glass art of international calibre for forty years, with Bornholm’s scenic splendour as its direct source of inspiration. Glass comes to life in this open workshop, where impressions from the outdoor surroundings – the unique quality of the light and diversity of shapes and hues of nature – are natural elements of the process. This is where mouth-blown utility glass for every occasion is created in an exquisite style, with Nordic design as the recurring theme of the entire collection. This is where quality, inquisitiveness and the experience of the potential of glass converge. 


When you visit Baltic Sea Glass, beautifully situated on the edge of north-east Bornholm, the first thing you encounter upon entering is the gallery’s big exhibition of glass art in all sorts of shapes and colours. Beyond the gallery, glass blowers are busy pursuing – with great precision – their red-hot craft in the open demonstration workshop. There is a sense of honesty behind the products here. Perhaps because it is possible to watch the glass blowers realising the potential of this molten material. The glass products exude Nordic elegance. Their authenticity is directly apparent, and there is a distinct focus on quality rather than quantity. The glass art produced at Baltic Sea Glass tells a story about Bornholm, but also about the people behind it, the island where they live and the countryside around them. This is Bornholm craft art at its very best. An all-in cultural experience.



Baltic Sea Glass creates utility glass of exceptional design and quality and has a long-established place in the halls of modern classic design and craft art. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the tables at some of the best restaurants in Denmark – such as Bornholm’s own Kadeau (one Michelin star), Hotel Nordlandet and Stammershalle Badehotel – are laid with glass tableware made at Baltic Sea Glass.


For four decades, Baltic Sea Glass has helped define Denmark’s glass art, and its founders – Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner – ran Baltic Sea Glass with great passion over the years. In 2020, Maibritt and Pete sold their life’s work to new owners. Today, Baltic Sea Glass is run according to the same visions for the brand and dreams of ensuring that glass art from Baltic Sea Glass transcends the boundaries of Bornholm and Denmark. With the same skilled team of glass blowers, and with Maibritt Jönsson as lead designer, the change of ownership did not change the unique qualities of Baltic Sea Glass: its recurring themes, its simple design and the expression of nature through the glass. These essential concepts are upheld, and modern trends and fads are not allowed to dictate the design.

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