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Baltic Sea Glass creates utility glass of exceptional design and quality and has a long-established place in the halls of modern classic design and craft art. Situated south-east of Gudhjem, Baltic Sea Glass has been producing world-calibre glass art directly inspired by Bornholm’s scenic splendour and nature for more than forty years. Glass comes to life in this open workshop, where impressions from the outdoor surroundings – the unique quality of the light and the diversity of shapes and hues of nature – are natural elements of the process. This is where mouth-blown utility glass for every occasion is created in an exquisite style, with Nordic design as the recurring theme of the entire collection. Quality, inquisitiveness and the experience of the potential of glass converge here. Over the years, Baltic Sea Glass has retained with great conviction its style and DNA – as originally envisaged and founded by Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner in 1981 –which have formed the basis of Baltic Sea Glass activities ever since. The unique mouth-blown glass satisfies every need for aesthetic glass art and useful tableware, which is why Baltic Sea Glass’s products grace the tables at some of the best restaurants in Denmark – such as Bornholm’s own Kadeau (one Michelin star), Hotel Nordlandet and Stammershalle Badehotel.


Baltic Sea Glass near Gudhjem allows visitors to observe the process when glass-blowers apply their molten-hot craft with great precision in the open workshop. At the studio, one gets a distinct impression of the exceptional nature of the work involved when glass artists breathe life into a Unika object. The delicate, meticulous process imposes high demands on the glass artists’ craftsmanship and artistic method. The results are unique works of art created by the team of glass artists and onlookers – all of whom share an inquisitiveness for the vast potential of glass. The products exude a down-to-earth quality in the open workshop of Baltic Sea Glass.


Baltic Sea Glass’s strong position in the field of craft art is underpinned by Bornholm’s designation as a World Craft Region. And Baltic Sea Glass’s works of Unika glass art emanate notably from the fondness for the unique qualities of Bornholm, designed in countless colours and shapes of glass. With a fervent passion for the vast potential of glass, and with Bornholm as an eternal source of inspiration, Baltic Sea Glass Unika celebrates the island, this sustainable material and the immense possibilities of glass.



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