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Bornholm Folk High School

Inside in the warmth, eager voices can be heard. Some are laughing. This is sound of Outdoor & Adventure’s course participants who have just returned from a trip in the woods. Their mountain bikes are parked outside, spattered and dripping with mud. The low, red buildings are abuzz with energy after a day in the rugged Bornholm countryside. Residue from Sustainable Agriculture’s day in the field on North Bornholm is clearly seen on the floor. Tomorrow, they are going out to learn how to gather food in the wild. Finding what you need to eat in nature is a uniquely satisfying experience. At Bornholm Folk High School, course participants seek out and study the interaction of nature and people, both body and soul, and the Folk High School has four subject areas, each of which requires participants to use their bodies as well as their minds.

A Bornholm summer can last far into September. This makes it possible to prolong the summer’s holiday experience by enrolling in a course at Bornholm Folk High School, where nature gets under the skin of the young participants. There is plenty of time and tranquillity for reflecting and learning, developing thoughts, challenging your body and developing your abilities. It is possible to learn about art, culture and nature, and not least about yourself and the world around you. The exotic island of Bornholm is right outside your door, unique and ready for the taking. The island is the setting for daily learning, both short courses in the summer and longer programmes from autumn to winter or spring.


The Four Subject Areas

Bornholm Folk High School has four subject areas, each of which requires you to use your body as well as your mind. All four disciplines within the Arts and Crafts subject area – pictorial art, jewellery, glass and ceramics – inspire participants to take a creative approach to shapes and materials, and can be used as the basis for applying for admission to the Craft Programme of the Royal Academy’s School of Design in Nexø. The Outdoor & Adventure subject area actively embraces the unique Bornholm countryside with its steep cliffs, and even sets out to sea in a kayak. The Sustainable Agriculture subject area cultivates alternative agriculture and the island’s flourishing entrepreneurial activities within food production and gastronomy. Activities include bee-keeping, organic farming, gathering food in the wild and other aspects of sustainable living. The Body & Mind subject area embraces nature in a mindful encounter, where contemplation and intimacy are cultivated in the forest, on the beach, or by the sea. The participants set out on an inward journey to find calmness and strength through meditation, yoga and other activities.

Being yourself together with others

Bornholm Folk High School has a flat structure, where you can  interact closely with all staff, course participants and students. Having space for a maximum of 100 summer participants and 70 students in the extended courses enables a close community transcending age, gender identity and affiliation. 

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