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If you like to play miniature golf, then a tour de force awaits you near Østerlars. Because BornPark Minigolf – one of the biggest miniature golf courses in the Nordic countries – is only a stone’s throw from the Round Church of Østerlars. The course itself is shaped like a silhouette of Bornholm, something of a landscaping feat in its own right. Each of the 18 holes caricatures a Bornholm attraction. On the course, golfers move among unique Bornholm sites such as Jons Kapel, Døndalen valley, the Randkløveskår ravine, Ekkodalen valley and even ‘Rispebjerg’ – a unique archaeological area in which traces of a sun temple from the Stone Age and a semicircular Iron Age hill fort have been found. The holes are very well-kept, and each hole features a short description of the attraction it depicts – and in five languages to boot. In a scenic location, with a cosy café and the unique Bornholm holes, BornPark Minigolf is a mecca for miniature golf enthusiasts. Perhaps this is also why it’s a good idea to book tee-off times before donning your mini-golfing clothes, as the course is popular no matter what the season. The 18 holes can be played by novices and miniature golf pros alike. A round of miniature golf takes 1.5 to 2 hours.



BornPark Minigolf is an experience the whole family will enjoy. You will feel this right away. There are open skies and the course has a laid-back ambience. Next to the course is an area with tables, benches and parasols where visitors can enjoy café refreshments, such as beef sandwiches, chicken on a stick and crisp, oven-baked chips. The café also serves a selection of locally produced beers and soft drinks, as well as Bornholm’s own soft-serve ice cream from St Clemens Dairy in Klemensker, made with milk from Bornholm cows. 

If you aren’t hungry, you can play chess on the flagstones with giant chess pieces, play a round of ladder golf, or test your knowledge of Bornholm by taking a free quiz. The quiz can be downloaded and taken on a smartphone, but a paper-based copy is also available in the café. The quiz comes in versions for both adults and children.



BornPark Minigolf is an experience the whole family will enjoy. Older golfers will appreciate the many benches for resting tired legs out on the course and, as the entire course is surrounded by a fence, families with small children never have to worry. Even if the adults are deeply concentrated on putting the ball in the hole, the kids can’t stray very far. 

Just as very few visitors are satisfied with a single visit to Bornholm, mini-golfers will never tire of playing the BornPark Minigolf course. Once you’ve played the 18 Bornholm holes once, it is always tempting to drop by and play another round – alone, or accompanied by family or good friends.



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