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Broe & Co

The Broe & Co. shop smells of leather and craftsmanship. The leather fragrance makes sense, and when you look around, you discover why it also smells of craftsmanship. No matter where you look, you are pleased by the visibly sterling quality that emanates from the workshop’s leather goods. Belts of all shapes and sizes, exquisitely made handbags and sandals are draped and displayed on beautifully aged wooden furniture. All the leather goods in the shop are embossed with ‘Broe & Co.’. You feel comfortable here. At the big worktable, you are welcome to watch Claus and his colleague Henrik make new products, bringing you very close to the craft. If you appreciate good craftsmanship, quality and a pleasant atmosphere, then Broe & Co. is well worth visiting.


Quality craftsmanship since 1973

Claus Broe has been working with leather since 1973. He has always focused on simplicity and details. The leather comes from tanneries in Italy, Sweden and Germany. The high-quality, carefully-selected belt buckles primarily come from a family business in northern Italy.

Needless to say, a wide selection of Broe & Co.’s products can be ordered from the business’s online shop, but you actually get much more for your money by visiting the physical shop and workshop in Pedersker, where you also get a memorable experience into the bargain. You can drink in the atmosphere and the fragrances, and hear and see the “narrative” of an age-old craft in action.

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