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Fru Krogh

Merete Krogh’s wool shop is tucked away on the corner across from the Brugsen supermarket on Hasle Square. This is where you find yarn as soft as a baby’s bottom and in colours you never knew existed! As for the latter, truer words were never written, because the colours are only found here. Their magic is created in Merete’s bubbling pots. Merete Krogh loves to dye yarn in all sorts of possible and impossible colours, and her unique sense of colour embodies her essential hallmark. No matter if it is merino wool, cashmere, mohair or silk, each yarn is carefully selected for its fineness and softness, and each ball of yarn was wound with love and a sense of quality. The story also includes Merete’s awareness of animal welfare and sustainability in every link of the production process.

Merete opened her charming little shop to create a physical gathering point for knitting enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome here, those who have never held a knitting needle and those who have knitted yards and yards of sweaters for family members young and old. ‘Fru Krogh’ provides abundant opportunities for a chat on a shop sofa about yarns, knitting and life in general, while enjoying a cup of well-brewed Bornholm coffee.

Nordic secret

Merete refers to herself as something of a nerd when it comes to her interest in colours, yarns and production. It is essential that her products are as sustainable as possible, as long as they don’t itch. Merete draws the line at a sweater that itches, so her shop only stocks yarns that do not irritate at all. This is why she imports her yarns through major wholesalers who meet her requirements as to both quality and animal welfare. Even her dyes are imported all the way from across the globe – the only place where a hand-dyer can find the best certified dyes for the type of yarns dyed by Merete.

Colour and shape inspiration

Although Merete didn’t become a full-time shop owner until early January 2022, she has previously been involved with dyes as a professional textile purchaser. She largely draws on that same experience now, and she will always be able to help customers choose the right composition of colour and style for a new blouse or scarf. Lovely blouses knitted by Merete hang in the shop to inspire those who drop by. If you are on holiday with someone who doesn’t knit but would like to learn, a visit to the shop on the square is a delightful way to get started.

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