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Fru Petersens Café

Setting foot in Fru Petersens Café is like travelling back in time. The former choir school (c. 1908), with its intricate old half timbering and magisterial architraves, has housed the café since 1997. Ten years ago, it was sold to Kit and Søren, who still run it to this day. The café’s interior décor is consistently Victorian, with original furnishings and nostalgia down to the last detail. Fru Petersens serves a pastry buffet, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, old-fashioned Danish dishes and open sandwiches made like our grandparents and great- grandparents used to make them. Kit and Søren envision a café that embodies the good old days, a time capsule you can sense, taste and immerse yourself in. This explains why their entire selection of pastries, buns, pretzel cakes and cookies is home-baked according to old Danish recipes. ‘Grandma’s luncheon buffet’ features old Danish dishes made from scratch. Behind the former school building is a large flower garden where patrons can sit at prim coffee tables and enjoy the peaceful buzzing of bees in the old herbaceous borders, while the kids explore the nooks and corners of the garden.


Kit and Søren aim to create spaces where guests can get away from the pulsating tempo of everyday life to enjoy a peaceful moment, immersed in grandmotherly comfort and security. Many guests actually return several times during their holiday. After savouring the luncheon or pastry buffet, they can linger over a cup of coffee or tea and read a good book while the children play. Some bring their own blankets, books and newspapers, to spend an entire afternoon relaxing in the garden. There is no time limit in the garden: you may stay as long as you like. Fru Petersen’s Café gives you time for intimacy, tranquillity and affection.



Kit and Søren have fitted out Fru Petersen’s Café in pure Victorian style, typifying the period from roughly 1880 to 1900, distinguished by heavy, ruffled furniture and interior design with a pervasive use of tassels and bobbles – small spheres of radially wound wool threads. Grandparents, parents and children can gather in these parlours and gardens for an extraordinary experience. Grandparents tell of how the interior decoration evokes memories of their own childhood and visits to their own grandparents’ homes. And many stories of the grandparents’ childhoods are recounted to children and grandchildren over cups of coffee, tea and pastry platters.

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