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Welcome to an old-fashioned tailor’s salon on Bornholm. Upon visiting the salon in the yellow-washed building along Rønne’s waterfront, you will immediately sense Pernille Vestergaard’s passion for making articles of clothing of a quality and detailed intricacy that few would take the trouble to create. Pernille creates exclusive, tailored articles of clothing on order from her Bornholm workshop according to the principle and vision of ‘slow sustainable fashion’, meaning that only pre-ordered articles of clothing will ever see the light of day, a principle that is rigorously upheld at Gevandt. 

As in the world of art, Pernille intuitively sews women’s made-to-measure clothing deeply rooted in the proud, time-honoured sartorial traditions and with great respect for each individual customer. The magic arises in the encounter between the customer and the tailor, when Pernille uses her own unique sense of a woman’s silhouette and essence to craft her unique creations. 

At Gevandt, customers can look forward to an exceptional experience by ordering custom-fit clothing – which is reputed to be highly addictive. Because Pernille has the time and the composure to create just the article of clothing you are dreaming of.

Conscientious choice of materials

Pernille proudly upholds the classic craft of tailoring, and she wants to do her part to nudge the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. Her collections are mainly sewn using deadstock piece goods, i.e. remnants from international fashion houses, which were therefore produced in only limited quantities. Pernille buys up the fabrics and breathes new life into them with her designs, preventing these stocks of remnants from being destroyed and unnecessarily harming the environment with surplus production from the fashion industry.


Sewing clothing from the heart

Pernille’s decision to open her own tailoring business instead of having her designs mass produced in Asia is quite deliberate and follows her heart. Producing and selling the clothing locally – instead of importing it from abroad – reduces her the carbon footprint of her business. She supports the island community by using local workers, and she likes the idea that whatever her customers take home with them was personally designed and produced by her. Also, she likes meeting women who take pride in wearing nice clothing.

Exhibition and theatrical production

Pernille is a qualified costumier, who received her qualifications from the Royal Theatre and the Danish National School of Performing Arts and, in addition to creating clothing for women and men, she also produces items for exhibitions with a focus on textiles, as well as costumes for theatrical productions. She is a costumier for Bornholm Theatre’s big anniversary performance ‘Tour de Jean de France’, due to premiere on 1 September.

As a member of the Association of Craft Artists Bornholm (ACAB), Pernille’s solo exhibition – ‘Beauty and decay: under the power of the elements’ – will be presented at the Bornholm Arts & Crafts Centre in Hasle from 1 July to 23 October 2023.  Besides her solo exhibition, Pernille has created a flowery chiffon dress depicted in the photos for ACAB’s permanent exhibition at the Bornholm Arts & Crafts Centre in 2023, where visitors can see the dress for themselves after the centre opens on 1 April.

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