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In the old fishing hamlet of Gudhjem – at the foot of the granite bluffs emerging undauntedly in many parts in the village – is a unique goldsmith’s shop:  Guldsmed Knapstad. As you walk in the door, you immediately sense a unique Nordic aesthetic. The shop is simple, but distinctly exclusive.  

Here, you meet goldsmith and jewellery designer Frøydis Adele Knapstad, who designs and makes her own precious jewels by hand. Jewels that fascinate before you even try them on. This is the unique quality of Frøydis’ jewellery: they are small, appealing works of art in themselves. 

The design of several pieces is inspired by nature, such as the Kaprifol and Waterlily rings. Frøydis’ most recent collection, Spirals, is inspired by movements in the elements of water, fire and air and symbolises the dynamic forces of nature. 

Her entire range of jewellery is made of precious metals, such as 18 karat gold, exclusive pearls, diamonds and other precious gems. If a customer becomes enamoured with a particular jewel in the shop, Frøydis can customise it to suit him/her. A visit to Guldsmed Knapstad often leaves you with a simmering desire for more.



Frøydis Adele Knapstad was born in Norway in 1971. Both of her parents are goldsmiths, so from an early age Frøydis has had a close relationship with styling and design processes, and she has developed her own keen sense of aesthetics over the years. 

She studied jewellery design at the School of Art, Architecture and Design in London, and her works have been exhibited at galleries and selected goldsmiths throughout Europe. 

For many years, Frøydis based her goldsmithing activities in Copenhagen, but after 17 years in Denmark’s capital, she relocated her shop to Gudhjem in 2013. And it is notably in Gudhjem, where heaven and sea converge, that Frøydis’ predilection for creative, aesthetic design mingles with her love of nature to provide ideal conditions for pursuing the creative urge that was nurtured during her Norwegian childhood.


At the top of the granite bluffs overlooking Gudhjem is the woodland pond Gråmyr, renowned for its delicate water lilies in a variety of colours. These very same water lilies have inspired Frøydis’ ‘Waterlily’ jewellery line – featuring a pearl or diamond nestled in a small cup. The series comprises rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

And, like Frøydis’ most recent collection, Spirals, inspired by the movements of the elements, her Kaprifol (honeysuckle) jewellery collection is inspired by this lovely creeper, often seen growing up pergolas or trellises or walls of Bornholm houses. It is fascinating to see how Frøydis recreates the twining stems and delicate flowers of the honeysuckle in precious intertwining metals, interrupted only by diamonds and precious stones. The Kaprifol series includes ear ornaments, bracelets, necklaces and rings.



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