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Guldsmed Knapstad

Meandering towards the harbor through Gudhjem’s steep roads, you pass Frøydis Knapstad’s fine jewelry store. When entering her store, you are met by a distinct, calm atmosphere and particularly nordic aesthetic. The charming store reflects both Frøydis herself and her beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

Many of her unique pieces of jewelry are quite obviously inspired by plants in nature, for instance the rings, Kaprifol and Waterlily. They are made from materials such as 18 carat gold, silver, exclusive pearls, diamonds and other beautiful precious stones. Each and every piece of jewelry in the store is handmade by Frøydis, who also gladly accepts orders for custom work.

Aesthetic and honeysuckle

Frøydis Adele Knapstad was born in Norway in 1971. Both of her parent are goldsmiths, so moulding, designing and having an eye for the aesthetics is in her genes, so to speak. She has studied jewelry design at Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts and Design in London, and her work has been exhibited at galleries and at selected goldsmiths throughout Europe.
Merely by looking at her work, it is easy to understand why so many people are impressed by her craftsmanship.

It is fascinating to see how Frøydis has succeeded in capturing the nature of the twining vines and delicate flowers of the honeysuckle, and used them as inspiration for her jewelry series by the same name. Precious metals intertwining, adorned with diamonds and precious stones. The jewelry series consists of earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings – some minimalistically simple, others with a more complex design.

Gråmyr and the waterlilies 

When visiting Gudhjem, indulge yourself with a walk to Gråmyr, just above the town. Here lies a small forest with a picturesque pond. In this peaceful environment, without the hustle and bustle of the town below, you can enjoy watching the waterlilies which gave Frøydis the inspiration for one of her other jewelry series: Waterlily. In this series, the metal is shaped like a bowl, cupping a pearl or diamond in the centre. The Waterlily series consists of rings, earrings and pendants.

It isn’t just the natural environment on Bornholm that inspires Frøydis’ jewelry designs. Natural materials from far-away lands, such as silk, also lend inspiration to her designs. In her jewelry series, Silk, the most beautiful colours come together when pearls and precious stones are strung on coloured silk necklaces. In Frøydis’ own words, these feminine, soft necklaces are “airy and light like a Scandinavian summer evening”.