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Juhls Minigolf

After five seasons of running the unique Bornholm attraction ‘BornPark Minigolf’ in Østerlars, Christina and Thomas Juhl Sørensen decided to embark on a new miniature golf adventure in the facilities of a former cookery school in Rønne. The site brings back memories for many Bornholm locals who spent time studying there. It’s amusing to consider that many of the island’s renowned gourmet chefs were trained in the facilities now used for playing miniature golf.


The large indoor miniature golf courses at Juhls Minigolf invite amusement, play and competition in a splendid environment of challenging holes and aesthetically pleasing furnishings and layout. Centrally located in Rønne, the former cookery school is now the setting for unique experiences. The large halls and other facilities have been transformed into an indoor universe of enticing miniature golf courses with green plants and ingenious details from the Bornholm countryside, plus Denmark’s largest privately owned rubber tree, standing in the foyer. This is where you can meet friends and family, colleagues or classmates and play miniature golf with guaranteed sunshine 365 days a year.


The venue aims to give everyone the opportunity to play miniature golf, regardless of weather, all year round. Transforming the large buildings into indoor miniature golf courses has achieved something unique: a miniature golf adventure that is only found here. Juhls Minigolf provides something for all ages. There are courses for families with small children and professional miniature golfers alike. The easy online booking system, large car park, smiling staff and cosy atmosphere guarantee a rewarding day at Juhls Minigolf.


Miniature golf is for everyone – regardless of physical shape or age group – in groups large and small. And Juhls Minigolf has made things exceptionally easy and fun. No more long queues with impatient kids and grandparents. Just a few clicks on the website make it possible to book the ideal time for you so the course is ready when you arrive.


As you walk around the green courses along the narrow paths, you don’t need to interrupt the game if you feel like a beer, soft drink or coffee. A smart app lets you order your beverages and have them served as you play. The app also keeps track of the players’ scorecards and the route through the variety of amusing and challenging courses. Juhls Minigolf’s app manages your scorecard and the results which you can save and perhaps show off if your teenager or boss gets a little too snooty.


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