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A unique venue is located just outside Aarsballe: a large, enchanting brick-built building with a tower, built in 1886, surrounded by 7,000 square metres of lush and remarkable gardens open to visitors. This is where Anina Kofod, ceramist and gardening enthusiast, has fitted up an interesting two-storey shop where you can explore a world of one-off items and craft art. This is also where you will find handicrafts made of natural materials, such as pottery, glass, knitwear, iron art, basketry and a selection of evocative items for your garden. The first floor is fitted up as an ‘Enchanting Loft’ with crazy mirrors and costumes for the enjoyment of the smallest visitors. It’s not clear whether adults are ‘allowed in’ too.

Outside, in the garden open to visitors, Anina has over the past 30 years developed and nurtured a lovely, inspiring world of plants that successively flower from early spring to late autumn. The venue has many different garden spaces with small nooks, rock formations, bridges, pergolas, roses and herbaceous beds. There is also a pavilion, a playhouse and even a big pond where small fish swim up to nibble on the surface. The gardens are a living oasis for adults and children, where it is possible to immerse yourself in nature’s works of art. Anina herself calls it a ‘celebration of divine creation’, and she wants it to be a free space where visitors can find tranquillity and feel the value of being surrounded by nature.   

The gardens have been selected by ‘The Danish Club’ as among the ‘Top 50’ of the loveliest gardens in Denmark. It’s hard to find a more beautiful setting for drinking a cup of coffee, which is always freshly brewed in the café, where a selection of delicious pastries are also on offer. Setting aside at least half a day to visit Kræmmerhuset Kunsthåndværk & Unique Blomsterhave’ is warmly recommended.

A natural calling

Anina truly does have green fingers. She does most of the gardening herself, but is assisted by a gardener in roughly one-third of the tasks. To her, the garden is the best and loveliest fitness centre in the world. She gets a lot of physical exercise every day and can enjoy the fruits of her labour at the same time. Anina’s enjoyment of outdoor life has been important to her since childhood. In her view, the Lord made us to be in close contact with nature, and this is crucial for her well-being. That’s why it made sense for her to create an adult life founded on nature.

Creative zest/enjoyment in the winter

Although working in the large, unique garden is limited in winter, it still goads her to creativity and creative urges. In the coldest months of the year, Anina moves indoors and immerses herself in the creation of her one-off works of ceramic art. It is important to her that whatever she creates reflects her own natural zest to create and creativity. Her ceramic work is inspired by her observations of nature’s contours big and small, such as the gentle lines created by nature along the water’s edge or the intricate shapes of a pea pod.


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