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Where you live has something to say about who you are. The fact that Nanna and Mads Löwe Bruun put down roots on Bornholm is not surprising, considering their life-long affection for the island and the fact that their passion for Bornholm permeates everything they do. After running a property business in North Zealand for twenty-five years, Mads and Nanna moved to Bornholm to open their jointly owned, family-run estate agency in Gudhjem. Mads is a qualified estate agent, valuer and member of the Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents. He has been a frequent visitor to Bornholm ever since his childhood. Nanna is a seventh generation Bornholm native with a master’s degree in communication and is experienced in the fields of fashion, interior and lifestyle design in Denmark and abroad. They are the parents of two children, and together they have lived for four years in the hillside fishing village midway along Bornholm’s north-east coast, where their property offices are situated in Inge Madsen’s lovely half-timbered property at Brøddegade 34. Their boutique is a collaborative effort with Skagerak Danmark, which has a summer shop on the premises (July–August) while Mads Bruun Bornholm makes sure to keep the lights lit in the windows for the other 44 weeks of the year.


Because to Nanna and Mads, their business involves more than just selling homes. It’s about selling a way of life, a lifestyle and possibilities that are not available anywhere else in Denmark. After many years in the sector, Nanna and Mads have built up a well-established network and customer portfolio, and people who put their home up for sale with Nanna and Mads soon discover that not all estate agents are alike. Here they will find receptiveness, integrity and accessibility. Each property is thoroughly reviewed and inspected, and the way they promote properties in both text and photographs outperforms the sector’s standard. Nanna and Mads make sure to present each home at its very best using techniques such as styling, etc. Nanna gladly inserts Danish design classics and evocative objects into the home to maximise the experience for prospective buyers. 


Both Nanna and Mads are local patriots who are committed to future-proofing Bornholm, particularly in the small towns along the coast where year-round residence is required. They are deeply dedicated to making sure that Bornholm is a vibrant community with lights in house windows and children’s voices in the streets all year round. Because to Nanna and Mads, they’re not just selling homes. They are expressing a shared passion for people, communication, homes and Bornholm. 


Local enthusiasts

The nature of their day-to-day work makes Mads and Nanna natural ambassadors for Bornholm, but they are also politically involved in the local community and work to ensure that Bornholm remains an attractive place to live. A place where it is possible for both current and future generations to fulfil their dreams of family life interwoven with Bornholm’s cultural and natural amenities.

Passion and marketing

Part of running Mads Bruun Bornholm naturally involves marketing the island and its homes. In this respect, it can be difficult to separate business from pleasure, because when you take pictures of the island you love, it’s only makes sense to share these pictures with others. Nanna and Mads are often highly praised for their photos of Bornholm on social media, and some people even say that the photos make them feel like moving to the island. So visit Mads Bruun Bornholm’s website or social media and let them inspire you!


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