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Madam Stoltz

Madam Stoltz is heartfelt design. The unique, handmade interior décor articles are the results of a journey through cultures and a fondness for nature. The undeterred creativity and passion developed by Pernille Stoltz have been her sources of inspiration for transforming a small, local lifestyle shop into a flourishing lifestyle project. Madam Stoltz is rooted in the local Bornholm environment and the Bornholm landscape, with strong ties to small Indian manufacturers and their families, traditions and the wisdom of generations. Inspiration from the colourful, cultural sensuality of India and the rugged contrasts of Bornholm’s countryside is embodied in all Madam Stoltz designs – in everything from textiles to industrial furniture and lamps, practical utensils and charming accessories.
Pernille Stoltz unites the best of both worlds, so that everyone can enjoy and take home the aesthetic qualities of the natural materials, quality craftsmanship and designs embodying her  joie de vivre. Pernille was addressed as ‘Madam Stoltz’ according to Indian custom as a token of friendliness. She is personally involved in all Madam Stoltz projects, from handmade baskets made from Moroccan palm leaves to the Nai Disha project which supports children and young people in New Delhi. Responsibility, close relationships and handmade quality are contributing factors in why Madam Stoltz is now an international business with 25 employees and exports all over the world, locally rooted on Bornholm with a summer shop in Listed and an outlet in Nexø. The unique collections reflect the Madam Stoltz spirit: ‘Made by hand – chosen with heart’.

Creative adventure

It started out as natural inquisitiveness when Pernille Stoltz, as a young backpacker, started selling Indian jewellery to finance her travels. She travelled to India to see where the jewellery was produced, and returned home brimming with inspiration and a budding creative passion for further developing the designs inspired by her experiences. The young backpacker was addressed as ‘Madam’ during her journey throughout India, and the name stuck. She first opened a small shop selling her designs in the centre of Copenhagen, but chose to return to her native island of Bornholm and develop the business here instead. Today, Madam Stoltz exports products all over the world and has 25 local employees in Nexø on Bornholm.



Balancing the Contrasts

The contrasts between the peaceful Bornholm bedrock with its remarkable rough-hewn shapes and India’s multicoloured beauty set the scene for the creative process in which Pernille Stoltz develops her ideas.

Inspired by both worlds, the potential of the materials unites with unique clean lines, functionality and artisanal beauty. She personally monitors the production process and develops new ideas in close collaboration with renowned local Indian manufacturers. Madam Stoltz’s products capture and strike a balance between the expressive contrasts in beautiful aesthetically pleasing shapes of nature, passion and the heart.


Malene Sommer


Guldsmed Knapstad

Hélène Duffau

Bornholms Kunstmuseum

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