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Malene Sommer

Bornholm Malene Sommer deals with the shape and form of objects in space. She is an IT artist, set designer and 3D illustrator. The painter’s still life sits between the abstract and the recognizable, the organic and the man-made, the stylish and the absurd. In her works, colors and textures are combined in unusual forms, which are at the same time confusing and surreal. The art of the painting moves the recognizable from normal contexts and places it in a new, conceptual space. A space where realism slides into dreams.

Malene have never strived for perfection, but in her works she artificially improves the characteristics of shapes, for example. to exaggerate the forms, textures and real abilities of materials. The play of combining naturally occurring, unique, organic forms with streamlined, sharp, industrial forms creates a contrasting field of tension that is characteristic of the painter’s works.

unique works

You can buy Malene’s unique works at www.malenesommer.dk where you will also find her famous Bornholmer posters.


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