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Melsted Badehotel

Driving south-east along the coast just outside of Gudhjem, you can turn left down to Melsted Strand and find yourself right down by the water’s edge. This is where Melsted Badehotel is scenically nestled among beach and rocks; you can’t get much closer to the water’s edge than that! The pervading ambience here welcomes you with a feeling of pampering and aesthetic pleasure.

Melsted Badehotel’s ubiquitous ethos is relaxation. You and you alone set the pace. Whether you want to rise early or sleep longer, the sea will still be patiently waiting for you to take your morning dip. This is a place where you can tune into yourself without distraction. For the same reason, there are no television sets in the rooms, and the interior décor is simple and stylistically consistent, drawing the blue horizon all the way inside.

The patio overlooking the sea invites calm repose, morning and evening, in contemplative relaxation. The garden is laid out to provide small oases where you can find seclusion and delve into a book. If, on the other hand, you want to venture forth into the unique, iconic Bornholm countryside, the rocky coastal paths start right outside your door and head both north and south. Just don your hiking boots, ask the staff to organise a packed lunch to take with you in your beach bag, and then off you go into the blue with nothing else in mind than to embrace the world.

The restaurant at Melsted Badehotel is just a few steps from the water’s edge and has panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and Christiansø Island. It is run by two seasoned Bornholm chefs, Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen. They bring the entire Bornholm pantry into play, and the menu follows the seasons with both à la carte dishes and menus that vary on a daily basis. At Melsted Badehotel, location, courtesy, splendid views and gastronomy intertwine, epitomising Bornholm at its best.


The new Melsted Badehotel: tradition and renewal

The hotel changed owners in 2021, and the subsequent refurbishment project has brought the ambience of sea, sand and sunlight inside. The Nordic style and bright interior décor embrace both rejuvenation and a continuance of the proud tradition personified by Melsted Badehotel for its guests and the locals. As a new tradition, the hotel invites everyone to a Grand Day at the Beach with music, snacks and a communal dip in the sea on the first opening day. The hotel has a wide range of partners offering activities in the area, the details of which are available from our attentive, service-minded staff.

The Restaurant: pure indulgence by the water’s edge

The restaurant is not reserved for hotel guests alone. The venue welcomes hotel guests, local residents and tourists to enjoy the food and the views available in the lovely restaurant. The menu is based on local produce, ingredients and cookery traditions, with seafood as the point of departure, because the sea is also invited onto the table itself. The menu follows the seasons and features à la carte dishes and menus that vary on a daily basis with delicacies such as oysters, lobster, flounder, turbot, beef tenderloin, and more. The dishes are simple and well-prepared with classic gourmet cuisine as the point of departure.


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