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Mie Mølgaard’s workshop and shop are found in the charming old district of Rønne in an idyllic yellow building on the busy waterfront. The experience is key here, and ceramist Mie Mølgaard strives to give her customers a unique, meaningful one. 


When visiting Mie Mølgaard Ceramics, you enter a lively demonstration workshop where Mie is busy throwing the fluid mass that she intends to transform into the same ceramic objects you can take home with you. To Mie, conversing about the craft is an essential part of the experience she wants to impart to her customers. She wants visitors to understand and appreciate her craft art and give them a total experience of what is actually involved in creating her ceramics, and a sense of the amount of work and passion that goes into each individual product.  Visitors are welcome to ask questions and watch her as she works. 


Mie Mølgaard Ceramics produces porcelain cups, clocks, vases, jewellery and much more in Nordic design, giving top priority to shape, details and precision. Porcelain is a difficult material that imposes rigorous demands on the ceramist, which is precisely what fascinates Mie: the strict, demanding process from idea to finished product. The porcelain is coloured in light, dusty colours. Then it is cast and repeatedly sanded by hand. It is notably this process that results in the silky porcelain surface, which has become a hallmark of Mie Mølgaard’s products, exemplified by the delicate, faceted clock which Bornholm residents quickly embraced as a modern ‘Bornholm clock’. (In Denmark, ‘Bornholm clock’ is synonymous with ‘grandfather clock’ for historical reasons.) Mie Mølgaard’s designs stimulate the senses, and she leaves no aspect of her process to chance.


Sjøgaarinj – a complete craft art experience

Now that Bornholm has been named a World Craft Region, the island has become a craft art powerhouse. Mie Mølgaard’s workshop and shop are just one example of the vibrant community of craft artists and of how Rønne has once again become an attractive place for craft artists to work. The graceful yellow building, also known as ‘Sjøgaarinj’, is the location of Mie Mølgaard’s workshop and shop which is part of a larger community, housing jewellery designer Bettina Preisler, as well as BECHLERSSI – a craft-artist duo comprising glass artist Mia Lerssi and textile designer Iben Birch Bech.  The Køppe Contemporary Objects gallery, ceramist Michael Geertsen and textile designer Pernille Vestergaard (Gevandt) are housed in adjacent buildings. The buildings exude creativity and invite visitors all the way in to the ‘engine room’ to see where the lovely creations are made. 


Read more about Mie Mølgaard Ceramics at www.miem.dk.


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