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Mollys is a shop with unusual, eye-catching items. It has a profusion of cheerful colours with its selected gardening, gifts and kitchenware collections. The shop has lovely, surprising, amusing and interesting products that you were not anticipating. Colourful, seasonal Mollys has shops both in the charming seaside village of Snogebæk and in the pleasant old merchant area of Svaneke. This personal experience is created by entrepreneur Sissel Thuesen Jensen with exclusive products such as Peugeot mills, elegant kitchen utensils and appliances, lovely household fabrics, interior décor and decoration of high quality with unique designs. The shop has everything for quality-conscious bon vivants, and no one ever leaves Mollys empty-handed. Mollys’ ‘World of Flowers’ and ‘World of Kitchenware’ afford an inspirational, creative experience brimming with service, good cheer and pleasing aesthetics. Here you will find rare items for your home, kitchen or garden which exude a personal, unique style. If, after visiting the shop, customers can’t stop thinking about a product, they can simply go to Mollys’ online shop, Mollys.dk. Because Mollys’ remarkable, ingenious Universe and Sissel’s ‘World of Flowers’ and ‘World of Kitchenware’ make for visits you will never forget.

Mollys’ Universe

‘Mollys’ Universe’ started out as Sissel Thuesen Jensen’s idea of a colourful seasonal shop in the lovely seaside village of Snogebæk on Bornholm. After starting the ‘World of Flowers’ shop in early 2004, her passion for interior décor and decoration impelled her to expand the product range with ‘World of Kitchenware’ in 2010 and the online shop Peugeotkværn.dk in 2016, after which she brought together the best of both worlds in ‘Mollys’ Universe’ in 2017 . She wanted to convert the former savings and loan building in Svaneke (built in 1924) into something new, beautiful and ingenious. Just like flowers – filled with lovely surprises.

Sissel’s eye for detail

Mollys’ assortment comprises items that Sissel finds during her travels abroad. They are unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Sissel’s eye for unique, subtle details results in a product assortment that astonishes shoppers. As Mollys is not restricted by a franchise, Sissel is free to follow her heart in choosing her assortment. And it is precisely Mollys’ product mix that will surprise you with its profusion of details and aesthetics. This is where gardening enthusiasts can buy top-quality gardening tools and find gardening items they didn’t even know existed. People with a penchant for gastronomy or interior design can browse the shop and enjoy the atmosphere, finding exquisite kitchen utensils, lovely things for the home or a gift that will both surprise and delight.


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