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Mollys is housed in the classic yellow building on the right as you approach the Svaneke waterfront. In front of the shop are basketry items and other fine objects for the garden or greenhouse, telling the story of the fondness imbued in the owner, Sissel Thuesen Jensen of Norway, for everything to do with gardening. Upon entering the shop, you immediately sense that Sissel is not only enthusiastic about gardening, but about everything to do with cosy, pleasant moments at home. The shop is flooded with colours and personal interior design articles – from colourful woollen plaids with graphically designed animal motifs from the UK to self-coloured Italian fleece blankets, evoking memories of lush Italy with its terracotta soil and sap-green orange trees.

This year, the shop will also feature a new collection of light plaids in a more subdued Nordic style with a herringbone weave, the design for which Sissel is personally responsible. As something new, Mollys has also created its own gardening brand, whose design prioritises durability, quality and sustainability. For instance, it is possible to buy gardening tools with soft handles of ash or bamboo, or charming planting sticks in bamboo, both of which help you avoid having to use plastic, while making garden beds more decorative at the same time. The series of sustainable gardening tools also includes insect hotels, beehives and houses for hedgehogs, enabling gardeners to enjoy the garden’s fauna and have their plants pollinated at the same time.

A warm and personal world of interior design

The interior design section always features exciting new items not found in any other shop. Mollys’ shelves are brimming with cutlery and tableware from Green Gate in the lovely primary colours along the walls, as well as a shelf by itself for classic Henry Watson Pottery from the UK in four different designs – to name just a few examples. The shop also features woven tea towels and kitchen towels with decorative motifs from France that can liven up even the dullest kitchen. Shoppers rarely leave Mollys without having discovered something for the home they simply cannot do without.

Eclectic holiday memories

Although the many designs come from outside Denmark, they are somehow a perfect fit for the holiday island of Bornholm, where a wide variety of people and cultures gather in summer to enjoy the sea, rocky coastlines and scenic splendour. You will get a sense of this in Sissel’s shop, which in many ways is almost a holiday experience in its own right. If, after your holiday, you wish to get an overview of the selection, you can visit her online shop, mollys.dk, and order what you failed to buy on holiday or supplement the products you’ve already purchased. In so doing, you will extend your summer holiday memories far into the darkness of winter.



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