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It’s easy to be inspired as you pass by Mollys in Svaneke’s charming old shopping district or the harbour town of Snogebæk. Outside, baskets, flowers, zinc tubs, etc., are displayed on benches, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like looking inside. Mollys is an eldorado for quality-conscious buyers who appreciate exquisite interior design – and fascinating things they never knew they needed. The shops’ cheerful colours are the backdrop for an inspiring world of lovely furnishing fabrics, kitchenware, interior design and gardening articles of high quality and unique design – all of which are carefully selected by Sissel Thuesen Jensen, from Norway. Here you will find rare items for your home, kitchen or garden that will give your home a unique personal style. For instance, you can find plaids woven at a small weaving mill on the coast of England. They are called ‘So Cozy’ and are not sold anywhere else in Scandinavia. You can get handmade British cups from Dunoon with a wide variety of motifs, made of fine bone china. There are colourful cushions, sewn to order in the Netherlands, made from fabric personally selected by Sissel. There are also products that invite togetherness, such as new puzzles which you can spend many pleasant hours piecing together with family or friends. You will never return from Mollys empty-handed. Even so, it sometimes happens that after visiting the shop, it’s hard to forget something you saw, but didn’t buy. Fortunately, it can be ordered from the Mollys.dk online shop, which has been vastly upgraded in recent years. Dropping by Mollys in Svaneke, Snogebæk or online is always fascinating.

Norwegian passion for gardens and interiors

Sissel comes from Norway and moved to Denmark in 1991. In 2004, she started Blomsterverden.dk out of her fondness for flowers and with a healthy dose of entrepreneurship. The online shop has all the flower bulbs that any amateur gardening enthusiast could ever desire. When Sissel and her family moved to Bornholm a few years later, it didn’t take long before she opened Mollys in a former bank building in Svaneke which dates from 1924. She wanted to create something new, beautiful and ingenious here. Just like the flowers she loves – filled with lovely surprises.

Unwavering personal style

Mollys’ assortment comprises items that Sissel discovers during her travels abroad. They are unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. One soon notices that Sissel is not bound by a chain agreement, but she is free to follow her heart in choosing her products. The products at Mollys are colourful, unique and appealing – and they reflect an unwavering personal style. You can easily imagine the interior décor of Sissel’s own home. 

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