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Nord + Nord

Everyone wants the best for their children – the best food, the best clothing, and undying affection.

The clothing aspect is dealt with by Okker-Gokker. Their clothing has a mission, so to speak. Because the company respects our natural environment and has acted accordingly. And the clothing’s Nordic designs embody the company’s caring, meticulous development process.

The Okker-Gokker brand is actually familiar to most parents, but few know that the company’s head office is located in Nexø, which is also the site of a large shop. Upon entering, you step into a world of exclusive design for children, teenagers and adults alike. As Okker-Gokker says: direct sales – without costly middlemen.

Every item of clothing in Okker-Gokker’s collections is made of organic wool or cotton. This guarantees the purity of the collections, and the company prioritises sustainable manufacturing methods, such as minimising water use compared to conventional cotton-production processes. Buying this clothing makes sense in terms of our natural environment, physical comfort and the designer’s eye for detail and for ensuring a pure, high-quality product.

Organic and sustainable

Ingeborg, owner of the company and designer of its collections, took over the company in 2011 and moved with her family to Bornholm shortly afterwards in 2013. This made perfect sense, seeing that the brand is 100% organic and sustainable, aligning with Bornholm’s Bright Green Island strategy.

Responsible production

And it’s not just the clothing that’s organic: the whole company is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is a world-wide certification organisation, and certification means that a textile production has to meet a range of strict requirements. For instance, workers must be paid a living wage (i.e. higher than the minimum wage); packaging must not contain PVC or paper that is not certified to FCS or at least is recycled. Further details about all of this and more are available on Okker-Gokker’s website. You will also be pleased to discover a selection of quality clothing for teenagers and adults, so there is no reason to be envious of your toddlers’ new woollen clothing.

Okker-Gokker commissions the production of its own piece goods and individual items of clothing at selected factories in Europe and Asia, but the designs are created on Bornholm to epitomise the company’s fondness for nature and Nordic principles.

High Nordic Quality

The clothing radiates quality, and you can rest assured that it contains no substances that are harmful to nature, to the workers who made it or to our children who wear it. You’re actually saving money in the long run, because the high quality of the clothing enables it to be handed down from one generation to the next. This is sustainability of the highest calibre.

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