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Nordbornholms røgeri

Nordbornholms Røgeri takes Bornholm’s smoked seafood traditions to a new level. The old smokehouse is situated on Kæmpestranden in Allinge with a panoramic view of the deep blue Baltic Sea and the magnificent rocky coastline. The carefully restored buildings graced with a classic tall smokehouse chimney have been the setting for traditional smoking of herring since 1898. Today, gastronomic expertise enhances the assortment of smoked foods to include salmon, cod and seasonal produce. Nordbornholms Røgeri takes pride in providing smoked foods of exceptional quality and giving patrons a unique experience by tantalising all their senses. Patrons can savour traditional dishes – such as ‘Under the Gudhjem Sun’, smoked cod and, not least, the well-appointed seafood buffet brimming with delicacies and Bornholm specialities made from scratch – in the restaurant’s aesthetic white building with its high mullioned windows, or on elegant patios bathed in sunlight. They can explore the smokehouse’s fish shop and purchase delicious, fresh smoked seafood, homemade salads and lots of fresh fish. The relaxed, pleasant ambience encourages enjoyment for the whole family, friends and children with plenty of space for exploring and appreciating the smokehouse’s untamed rocky surroundings.

Fish buffet on the rocks and legendary salmon

A large natural boulder juts up in the centre of restaurant. The boulder is integrated into the structure and wreathed by the lavish, well-appointed seafood buffet. Bornholm’s bedrock merges with a profusion of seafood delicacies –smoked eel, sea trout, flounder, gravlax, prawns and much more – direct from the sea. Needless to say, the buffet includes freshly smoked herring and mackerel in season and a lavish abundance of homemade delicacies, breads and salads. Salmon – hot smoked and cold smoked – is currently the smokehouse’s most renowned, almost legendary product. Meticulous preparation, drying, salting and controlled smoking brings out a unique, delicate taste that you won’t find elsewhere.



Smokehouse’s tradition

For more than a century, Nordbornholms Røgeri has been smoking fish in its large smoking chamber. It started out as a traditional Bornholm smokehouse that almost exclusively smoked herring for the Copenhagen market. The current owners, Jesper Jensen and Carsten Grønning, took over the smokehouse in 2002, and they still smoke seafood in the 16-metre tall white chimney using the traditional methods deeply rooted in the history of Bornholm. The golden fish are salted and smoked according to old Bornholm recipes, and you can order delicious smoked seafood in the smokehouse’s online shop for delivery right to your doorstep.


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