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Oe. Studio Shop

The town of Rønne is home to a number of particularly interesting stores. One such store is Oe. Studio Shop. In the newly opened shop in Snellemark, you willl find the works of a number of carefully selected artisans on display. The shop also doubles as the studio of the owner, Mia Lerssi, where she produces her own designs. Mia Lerssi primarily specializes in glass, but also works with other materials. For example, she has begun making ceramics.

The front end of the shop is an elegant showroom, displaying both Mia’s products and those of other selected artisans. Mia’s husband, Sander Boeijink, is among the represented artisans. Sander works with both metal and glass, and has designed the beautiful glass lamp displayed in her window. The back end of the store is Mia’s studio, as is evident from all the plaster moulds, sketches of new projects and even logs of wood found there. These things are all waiting to be used as part of an exhibition or a new project. No doubt, this place oozes creativity.

Physical attraction

Mia Lerssi produces her ceramics in her own studio, but when she makes glass, a process which requires much more equipment, she rents a space from other glass blowers. She produces the glass designs for her store and a variety of exhibitions. Recently, she has been asked to deliver one of her glass designs to Ebeltoft Glasmuseum.
She is also in the process of starting a production of Sander Boeijink’s extraordinary lamp. The lamp will most likely be produced at a Swedish factory. In essence, Mia is both a manufacturer and a designer, which is noticeable in the shop in Snellemark.

Mia is fascinated by her physical attraction to things. For many years, she was driven by a desire to master the craftsmanship, forming the materials and, lastly, the visual aspect of design. Throughout her many educations, she has explored these aspects of her own craftsmanship. Now, she works on finding her way back to naivety – a state where the technique doesn’t play as important of a role as the love of the material, the expression and the form.


Mia Lerssi

Mia graduated from Kosta Boda Glass Blowing School in 1998 and went on to study at Danmarks Designskole (Denmark’s Design School) in Nexø. She graduated from Denmark’s Design School in 2001, and then undertook a Master’s Degree in Art at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Upon completing her education, she taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. At this point, she has worked with ceramics and glass for more than 24 years. She gladly shares her knowledge of art and design with visitors at her shop, as Mia herself tends to her store.