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Rasborg Paulsen

Ceramics are now more popular than they have been in decades. Bornholm ceramicists

Ejnar Paulsen and Susanne Rasborg have had to expand their little ceramics shop in order for them to keep up with the increasing demand for their designs including ceramics, porcelain and faience. Their small shop is adjacent to their home, located in idyllic surrounds one kilometer outside of Svaneke. Their property has room for their Icelandic horses, ceramics workshop and, of course, their shop.Everything is hand-made, from small vases with barely room for one little flower, to the Japanese-inspired tea set, large bowls and the more classic earthenware.

Few ceramicists in Denmark have more experience than Susanne Rasborg and Ejnar Paulsen. Together, they have designed, produced and sold ceramics to the whole world for more than 100 years. For those who appreciate quality design and hand-crafted wares, a visit to Rasborg and Paulsen Ceramics is essential. Even if you are eager to find the next ceramic treasure, please drive carefully to avoid hitting there sweet dog.

Cooperation with big league businesses

Ejnar Paulsen was educated in pottery at Eslau and, like Susanne Rasborg, studied further at School of Design in Copenhagen.  Since then, they have produced their own ceramics and have enjoyed success since the beginning of the 1970s. In the meantime, other ceramicists have benefited from their know-how, including the famous ceramics factory, Kähler. Today, they are focusing on their own boutique and on selected customers, both foreign and domestic, i.e. Robin and Williams Guild in New York and the world renowned restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen.

Years of experience

When you have as much experience as these two, an elaboration on their specifics skills is superfluous. What really sets them apart is the vast knowledge of glazes: both new and popular ones, as well as the traditional. They carefully produce their own glazes at their workshop. Keep an eye on Instagram to see their latest creations, or stop by their shop to experience them in person.

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