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Hej design

Rikke Wulff is a ceramist who boldly blazes new trails that few of her colleagues would choose. This results in beautiful, functional pottery and ceramics. Although fascinated by simplicity, her simple designs are intertwined with subtle complexity. This is evident in one of her coffee cups. Although simple in itself, the way in which the glaze merges with the clay challenges the simplicity. Conversely, her small sculpted reliefs seem to emerge from the wall in a cliff-like fashion. These shapes are more complex, but the glaze seems almost non-existent. Ingenious.

Rikke and her business, “hejdesign”, are housed in one of Rønne’s outstanding historical buildings – the old main guardhouse, which once served as both the town gate and a jail. In fact, Rikke makes all her ceramics in one of the former cells.

Rikke Wulff Ceramics

Rikke graduated from the School of Design, Bornholm, under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, in 2015. Since then, she has had workshops in both Sandvig and Nexø. Now, she is settled in her workshop and small shop in Rønne.

Rikke does not compromise when she works. She has clear ideas of what she wants to achieve from the outset. She mixes her own clay from porcelain and stoneware clay. Most of her products are hand-turned, and she makes the beautiful glazes herself. She is in firm control of her workmanship processes.

Besides items for everyday use, Rikke is keenly interested in sculptural reliefs, and whenever she has a little time left over, she makes sketches of future projects.

Gossamer earrings

The building that houses Rikke’s workshop also includes a nice little shop whose thick walls and grey panelling suitably accentuate Rikke’s ceramics. In fact, the light is so good inside that the skilled ceramist considered whether it was even necessary to set up lamps.

The shelves are not overfilled with products, allowing the ceramic objects to come to the fore in the space around them. Take an excursion to Rønne and hejdesign to experience the historic building, but most of all to see Rikke’s splendid universe of teapots, cups, hand-modelled candlesticks, one-off gossamer earrings and more.

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