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Sandvig Minigolf

Sandvig Minigolf has become a cult phenomenon on Bornholm. The crazy golf course has existed for more than 70 years, making it one of the oldest in the world. Since 1951, the iconic crazy golf course overlooking the seahas been a gathering place for families, functions and couples. All 18 holes are shaped like different Bornholm attractions, and when you play them, you get to putt the ball through both Hammershus and the round church of Østerlars. The vision of entrepreneur Rita, who has run the crazy golf course for the past five years, is clear: crazy golf is about slowing down and relaxing. It’s an activity of togetherness, closeness and amusement, which inspires conversations and competition, but most of all hearty laughs and having fun. This also explains why Sandvig Minigolf has grown into more than just an iconic crazy golf course in a scenic setting. Sandvig Minigolf & Board Games has created an exclusive self-contained retro atmosphere. There is an old-fashioned board game café, where it is possible to play classic and new board games inside the pavilion or in the sun.A café serving coffee, beer, wine and delicious pastries and not least an impressive array of creative concepts such as ‘Balls and Bubbles’ (a crazy golf concept  based on champagne), crazy-golf dates and, most recently, the publishing of a children’s book Vinder Winni minigolf?(Will Winnie Win at Crazy Golf?) in cooperation with author Lars Holmsted.

On course for cult golf and weddings

Sandvig Minigolf is an exciting combination of new concepts, refreshing ideas and time-honoured traditions of mini-golfing and togetherness. The venue has a good selection of golf clubs to borrow and overlooks the Baltic Sea, where the blue hues of the sea are mirrored all the way into your heart. Sandvig Minigolf has become a cult phenomenon for both local residents and island visitors – and not only as a cosy gathering place or a crazy golf concept for those with a penchant for retro.The course’s picturesque and romantic setting has inspired many people over the years, some of whom have experienced both proposals and weddings on and around the course.Sandvig Minigolf has got it all: tranquillity, closeness and retro romance. A must-see experience when you visit Bornholm.

Balls and Bubbles

In summer, you can experience the unique Balls and Bubbles concept, which partly explains Sandvig Minigolf’s cult status. On hot summer days and in the warmth of the setting sun, you can play the 18-hole crazy golf course with a golf club in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other for a few hundred Danish kroner.  Champagne golf has become very popular. This is partly due to the scenic setting and Rita’s catering with snacks and champagne glasses, but also because the guests experience how they become fantastic mini-golfers after the first nine holes.
SandvigMinigolf is all about fun and games, laughter and romance for couples and groups alike.


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