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Sebastian Frost

Sebastian Frost is a goldsmith and designer who lives and works in the fishing hamlet of Listed on the north-east coast of Bornholm. At the very spot where the sun’s morning light hits the rocky coast, the white functionalist building on the waterfront has been the setting for his unique production of exclusive handcrafted jewellery since 1999. Even from his youth, Sebastian Frost worked in the goldsmith business, helping his father, a goldsmith in Bremen, and his personal relationships with his customers are the heart and core of Sebastian Frost’s business. This is also one reason why the shop, which started out as a demonstration workshop, has now been developed into a ‘Jewellery Concept Store’ and includes the ‘Bay Frost’ café and bar, run by Sebastian and his wife Signe Bay. They have created a unique, holistic experience focused on pleasure and tranquillity. 

At Sebastian Frost’s shop, you also get to try on the jewellery. You are even allowed to take it with you out onto the sunny patio and see the play of the sunlight on the precious gem, or enjoy a glass of champagne in the café while wearing the watch or jewellery to see whether it goes with your personality. The interplay between the piece of jewellery and the individual is a crucial element of Sebastian Frost’s unique collections. His hallmarks are of exceptional quality and craftsmanship – and the floating diamond concept and Sebastian Frost watches are particularly popular. Sebastian Frost’s jewellery is created with fascinating and astonishing proficiency and creativity. His jewellery is worn by ordinary people with a penchant for exclusive self-indulgence, but also by members of Denmark’s Royal Family. Anyone can create their own style with Sebastian Frost.


The ring with the floating diamond

Even the slightest movement makes the light dance in the diamond’s facets. Sitting there affixed with elegant simplicity in the ring, the diamond reflects the light as a kaleidoscopic reflection of the surroundings. The diamond is affixed by only a simple, carefully calculated design that merges it with the ring – yet it remains eternally free and mobile. The play of light in the diamond’s design goes a step further in the ‘Diamond Mirror’ collection, where diamonds of every conceivable cut are interspersed with lustrously polished mirror-like surfaces. The diamond is protected so it can be worn on an everyday basis, but it is also enhanced with additional light through the reflective, mirror-like surfaces, and it seems twice as big because the reflected image is always visible.

New everyday bracelet with floating diamond

If you are the type of person who wears jewellery on a daily basis, then the new bracelet with floating diamond will be perfect for you. The bracelet goes with the floating diamond ring and was designed according to the same concept, with the diamond affixed yet mobile. The bracelet is made of a strong grade of nylon, so it is possible to wear it without worrying, no matter what you do. You can even go swimming with it on. The new everyday bracelet with a floating diamond is available in 18 karat gold with diamonds from 0.18 ct.

Sebastian Frost watches

Watches by Sebastian Frost were created with an awareness that the watch provides a unique opportunity for men to make a fashion statement. Sebastian Frost came up with the ideas for his watches when he saw an old photo of his grandfather and noticed his classic wristwatch, which enhanced his grandfather’s demeanour with authority and self-confidence. The design was notably envisaged as an exclusive, quality watch that inspires and toys with our notions of a classic men’s watch. The name of Sebastian Frost’s ‘1977’ retro collection is also the year of his birth, and evokes associations with a time before the invention of the smartphone when most men wore a wristwatch.

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