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Stammershalle Badehotel

Stammershalle Badehotel is situated along the coast between Gudhjem and Tejn, in a majestic yellow hotel building scenically located near the rocky coastline and emanating a genuine seaside resort atmosphere, ethos and history. Rocky skerries, lovely rooms, unique light and the best of the Bornholm breadbasket have been attracting returning visitors and tourists to the hotel for more than a century.

As soon as you approach the entrance, you’ll see happy faces and the occasional visitor wearing a bathrobe on the way to or from a refreshing dip in the sea 150 metres from the hotel. Visitors are frequently caught transfixed by the Baltic – and Christiansø Island in the distance – and do not want to be disturbed. Because here you can let go of life’s worries, breathe fresh air, let yourself be absorbed and go with the flow. The setting at Stammershalle Badehotel is an exclusive experience all its own, both for private visitors and for participants attending meetings and conferences. Stammershalle’s gourmet restaurant is unique, too. It affords stunning views of the sea and has friendly staff serving delicious modern dishes made from Bornholm ingredients and produce.

The current owner, Frederik Falbe, took over Stammershalle Badehotel in May 2021, and the venue is run on a day-to-day basis by manager Susanne Vang Søgård. Out of respect for history, the couple continue the original ethos of the venue, focused on visitors’ preferences, intimacy and pleasant experiences in a delightful atmosphere that will create happy memories.


Views of the sea, attentive staff and the fascinating culinary composition on your plate. Stammershalle Badehotel’s gourmet restaurant is unique. All dishes are made using seasonal local produce, prepared with care by a young kitchen staff. The modern dishes have exquisite flavour and feature tantalising combinations, while the cutlery and tableware – cups, plates, glasses and vases – are made by some of the best ceramists and glass-blowers on the island. High-calibre standards. And everything is finely balanced and was conceived, shaped and created on the island. The exclusive 4/7-course menus have customised wine lists from the large new wine cellar beneath the lounge – openly connected to the restaurant. Stammershalle’s breakfast and Sunday Bubbly Brunches with views are also popular events. After a delicious meal, you can lean back, satiated, pampered and full of all the good things to offer at this yellow seaside hotel along the rocky coast of Bornholm.


Stammershalle Badehotel was originally built as a summer residence for German wholesale merchant Rolf Müller in 1911. In the 1930s, he began flying in guests directly from Berlin to the landing strip in nearby Rø. At the hotel, his guests could recuperate, enjoy the magnificent scenery with direct views of the Baltic and take in the fresh air, before returning to the big city. A small zoo was established behind the hotel, housing lions, bears, flamingos and monkeys, and the remains of the old bear caves in the back garden are still visible to this day.


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