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Stammershalle Badehotel

Back in the 1930s, a German wholesaler came up with the idea of flying wealthy tourists from Berlin to the small Rø airstrip. From here they would be driven to the wholesaler’s seaside hotel at Stammershalle called “Stammershalde Kurort”. Here, guests could enjoy the scenic setting, a small zoological garden with lions and bears, relax and be pampered before returning to Berlin. The wholesaler and the bears disappeared long ago, but the hotel and a single stuffed lion cub remain. Today, the venue is run by Henriette Lassen and Henrik Petersen and is called Stammershalle Badehotel which, despite its high culinary standards, has a relaxed seaside-hotel atmosphere.


The restaurant is one of Bornholm’s very best. The style is Nordic, yet clearly based on French cuisine. The produce and ingredients are top quality and mainly local. As a guest in the restaurant, you immediately feel welcome: you are served a snack and a glass of champagne as you enjoy the fine sea views. A little pampering before dinner helps set the atmosphere. In fact, the restaurant was awarded a prize for best service in 2015. Many of Bornholm’s returning visitors simply must dine at Stammershalle Badehotel at least once a year. After you’ve been there, you will know why.


After an eventful day on a Bornholm beach, at a cultural institution or doing a little of everything, you look forward to relaxing. You can do that in a room at Stammershalle Badehotel. Each room is tastefully furnished, with views of some of the island’s most stunning scenery. When you’re ready, you can start to think about dinner. You can either set out once more to explore the gourmet scene on the island, or you can go down the stairs to enjoy chef de cuisine Mette Bock’s version of Bornholm gastronomy. You will not be disappointed – not on the second day either!

Stammershalle’s surroundings

There is a small wood just behind the striking hotel. The remains of the bear cave from the 1930s can be found there, and the mysterious wood of gnarled trees (or “troll woods”, as the locals call them) hides other secrets as well. There are three menhirs, marking the remains of an Iron Age burial site. A ship setting, now exposed, is also found here. Across the road from the hotel is an extensive site with many finds and objects from other Bronze Age and Iron Age burial sites, including pottery shards, jewellery and tools.
But even more experiences await you near the hotel. It is only a short walk to Døndalen valley, which, besides being a lovely nature area, is also the site of the highest waterfall in Denmark.
After walking past Døndalen and climbing the next hill, a rewarding sight comes into view: the Bornholm Art Museum, with its changing exhibitions. The museum’s permanent exhibition is also definitely worth visiting. The works of Bornholm artists in particular, such as Zahrtmann and Høst, adorn the walls here.

If you are fond of rewarding experiences and a pleasant atmosphere, then Stammershalle Badehotel is definitely worth a visit. Even just drinking a cup of good coffee, perhaps served with something sweet on the patio, in the lounge or outside on the lawn with unobstructed views of the deep blue Baltic Sea, is an utterly relaxing experience.

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