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Svaneke Chokoladeri

When you sink your teeth into the crunchy coating of a filled chocolate from Svaneke Chokoladeri and with childish curiosity let the creamy core melt in your mouth, you immediately taste that this is no ordinary chocolate. The fondness for chocolate and the uncompromising passion for taste, texture and aesthetics are obvious inside out. The innovative, classic chocolates, cream puffs and confectionery from Svaneke Chokoladeri are made exclusively from natural ingredients and feature carefully selected flavour combinations from Bornholm’s countryside. All chocolates are sustainably produced and handmade down to the last detail. This is chocolate that evokes pleasure and sensory experiences with depth, curiosity and fondness for the craft and the nature around us.

Svaneke Chokoladeri has shops in both Svaneke and Rønne where it is possible to explore the creative world of chocolate. In Svaneke, you can experience an open chocolate-making workshop and watch the chocolatiers at work, whereas in Rønne you can enjoy a cup of coffee in Svaneke Chokoladeri’s cosy chocolate café. To enhance its wide selection of gluten-free, lactose-free chocolates and sweet delicacies, Svaneke Chokoladeri is constantly developing new flavours and customised products for every festival, holiday and special occasion you can think of. For instance, try a filled chocolate with raspberry and liquorice, mint fondant or a classic nougat croquant. Regardless of which taste you prefer, you will rarely leave either shop without having bought something to take home with you. And if Rønne or Svaneke aren’t within driving distance, you can have your favourites sent to you from Svaneke Chokoladeri’s online shop.


Ever since Janne Lundberg and Daniel Mikkelsen took over Svaneke Chokoladeri in 2014, they’ve merged their chocolate nerdiness and gastronomic science into a series of unique products and initiatives. At their workshops – where you get your own hands in the chocolate – you gain insight into the craft and science through a playful, experimenting approach that is characteristic of the creative couple. With an uncompromising passion for taste, artisanal know-how and nerdy knowledge about the chemical structures of the ingredients, Svaneke Chokoladeri has created products like ‘Frozen Chocolates’ for warm summer days, filled chocolate with riz à l’amande, dark milk chocolate and sinful truffles that are actually handled six or seven times before being ready for the shop.


As one of the few to do so in Denmark, Svaneke Chokoladeri use only Cocoa Horizons’ certified chocolate

from the quality brand Callebaut. The cocoa beans come from sustainable producers whose beans are traceable throughout the process. Svaneke Chokoladeri takes deliberate sustainable decisions and does not use synthetic additives or carbon-heavy ingredients, but only local produce from Bornholm with a natural sugar content that makes the chocolate from Svaneke Chokoladeri into a pleasurable alternative to enormous quantities of sugary sweets. The chocolate residues are reused or donated for selected purposes, and most of the packaging is FSC certified or compostable. Svaneke Chokoladeri has created a sustainable chocolate culture that does not compromise on taste.





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