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Bornholm’s Newcomer Service

Falling in love with Bornholm is easy! The summer’s bustling, cosy waterfront environments, the art and culture scene, the natural diversity of green forests, silvery sandy beaches and harsh rocky coastlines, not to mention the wide variety of food producers on the island making produce with care and pride. Bornholm has always been a place many people long to visit, and, after returning home, it’s difficult to stop thinking about the rocky island. In fact, it is so difficult that many people get the urge to settle here. But… it’s actually not that straightforward to pull up stakes – perhaps even moving an entire family – and re-establish yourself on Bornholm. Or is it?


It may feel like quite an ordeal to move to Bornholm to start a new life. Undeniably, everyone wants to resolve the most pressing issues first: Where will we live? What about a job? What about the kids’ schooling and after-school activities? And what’s it like to live on Bornholm in the gusty, rainy weather of October, once the humdrum rhythm of everyday life sets in? Getting these questions answered doesn’t have to be overwhelming, because help is available at Bornholms Tilflytterservice (Bornholm’s Newcomer Service).


For years now, the Newcomer Service has been helping newcomers realise their dream of settling on Bornholm. The island’s newcomer guide, Rune Holm, has built up a dynamic, well-connected network on the island, which enables him to do things like helping newcomers find work and housing. He can guide newcomers through all the situations that come into play as part of relocating, and he provides insight into how everyday life on the island may be different, no matter where you come from. If you dream of a life on Bornholm, then contact Bornholm’s Newcomer Service and get your new life on the rocky island off to the best possible start.


The dream of a better family life

Susanne Holm Harnfeldt and her family from Herlev became captivated by Bornholm in all its seasons after her mother-in-law bought a holiday cottage on the island and the family spent more and more of their holidays here. The dream of a better family life, the tranquillity and the unique Bornholm landscape prompted the family to relocate, even though both parents already had good jobs, and lived close to family and friends.

Finding peace of mind in a small, lively community

Louise Lykke, 35, moved from Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district to Bornholm on her own. She comes from the pulsating big-city life of Copenhagen, but dreamt of owning her own home – and leading a calmer life. She was also drawn by the scenic surroundings and becoming part of a local community with respectful interpersonal contact. She kept her job in Copenhagen and works from home – which has given her the peace she craved.


Drawn by Bornholm’s tranquillity

Nana and Jonas were tired of living in Greve, with its frequent disturbances in the street after dark. They longed for Bornholm and the island’s peaceful atmosphere. Shortly after moving to the island, their third child was born, and establishing a safe, secure atmosphere for their children is especially important to them. In Greve, children were not allowed out after dark because of the occasional shootings and gang-related activities in the streets. On Bornholm, they have found the security they were looking for and have no qualms about letting their kids run across the street to play with their friends.



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