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Wine Bars on Bornholm

Bornholm’s gourmet scene includes a rock-solid fondness for wine. And each Bornholm wine bar has its own bona fide expertise, an abundance of creativity and a passionate palette of select wines, conveying guests and connoisseurs through a range of memorable sensory and gustatory pleasures. Join us on our tour of four Bornholm wine bars.



Exclusive relaxation with a view, at Vinbaren Ved Vandet

Vinbaren Ved Vandet is situated on Strandstien in Listed near Svaneke, in an old smokehouse overlooking the sea and the characteristic rocky coastline. The wine bar is a family business that provides a unique feeling of attending a private garden party with space for children, chalk drawings and genuine holiday pleasure, even including serving on the lawn. The wine list includes a total of 40 different, sensibly priced wines by the glass. The wines are imported by the wine bar itself, and guests get to taste the wine before deciding. Although the venue serves wines from traditional wine-producing countries such as France, Italy and Spain, it gives particular focus to wines from colder climes such as Canada, Germany, the UK and Denmark. Owner Jimmi Korsholm developed a passion for wine in 2015 when he switched careers from upper secondary teaching to importing wines. Korsholm VIN started to import wine in June 2015, after which Jimmi opened Vinbaren Ved Vandet. Besides delicious home-made tapas, which can pass for an entire meal, patrons can taste their way through atypical wines from the comprehensive wine list. The hybrid grape Baco Noir from Canada’s Niagara region is a particularly popular red wine. It provides a delicious, juicy, refreshing wine with deep hues, but without any tannin whatsoever. It is a true thirst-quencher in the heat of summer, served with views of wide-open seas and skies.

Popular organic wines on Svaneke Square

Vinøst is located on Svaneke Square, in the heart of the lively old market town, with views of beautiful half-timbered houses and lively street life. Just as the bar’s name (in Danish) is a play on words (‘fondness for wine’ and ‘wine in the east’), Vinøst toys with the wines and our habits. It sells exclusively organic/biodynamic wines from innovative small wine growers. Owner and sommelier Martin Barslund prefers to enable his guests to taste wine from grapes they know nothing about and from areas they have never heard of before. Vinøst will take you out of your vinous comfort zone with affectionate anarchy to enhance your wine experience and lift your spirits. The minimalist interior of Vinøst resembles a wine canteen with familiar retro designs and high ceilings. The down-to-earth touch is undeniable, and Vinøst invites you to experience both communal dining and wine for the people. The cuisine is 100% organic and based on seasonal produce, from small tasty snacks to five-course menus sustaining a gastronomic experience of high calibre. The wine bar serves as a display window and storeroom where the wines are taken down from the shelves. Regardless of whether you want a glass or a bottle. Years of nerdy wine expertise underpin this democratic wine concept. In May 2018, Martin Barslund planted 6,400 grapevines on Bornholm. His aim is to be able to serve local organic wine in his wine bar two or three years from now, so mark your calendar!

Wine with attitude and style: Râzapâz in the heart of Rønne

Râzapâz – Vinbar, café og spisested er den nyeste vinbar i det bornholmske nydelseslandskab. Centralt placeret på det livlige Laksetorv i Rønne, byder den 30-årige hjemvendte bornholmer, Patrick Hult, velkommen til ”hang out” lounge-stemning og ild i pejsen. Her er stilen både smagfuld vintage og lidt “Villa Villekulla” med flasker arrangeret på væggen fra gulv til loft. Det er herfra man kan vælge sin vin, som serveres både ude og inde. Her er både klassiske, “value-for-money” vine af den lette slags, naturlige vine og Bourgogne og Rosé til de lyse nætter. Vinene har Patrick udvalgt på baggrund af sine erfaringer som restaurationschef og partner i restaurant ”Kaptajn” ved Sortedams Dosseringen i København. Som det bornholmske navn Râzapâz (”Vildbasse”) antyder, fornemmer man lidt attitude. På Râzapâz er der et uhøjtideligt lebensraum, og en sandwich-bar med elegante anretninger som ”Croque Monsieur & lidt sur salat”, særligt udvalgte vine og filterkaffe. Man får lidt fornemmelsen af, at den afslappede Râzapâz vel sagtens byder på en halv-gammel Leroy Bourgogne flankeret af en god makrelmad i nærmeste fremtid. Râzapâz er en lille, afslappende oase midt i Rønnes midtpunkt.

French temptations and charm at Provianten in Gudhjem

Provianten (provisions) is a place for cock-and-bull stories, landlubbers and ‘waterfront ladies’. This port and wine bar with sea-blue views of the town’s picturesque waterfront is located just metres away from the port’s gently rocking boats. The cosy provisions cellar with al fresco serving on the quay was taken over by Maria Gill and Thomas Larsson in 2015. They brought the best of their wines from their Sabotøren wine bar in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district and Le Pinard at Torvehallerne, Copenhagen. The wines come particularly from France’s wine-growing regions in the south and they are personally imported from areas such as Roussillon, Languedoc, Rhône Valley, Provence and Buzet. All wines are organic or biodynamic. One is never in doubt about the passion or dedication inherent in the wines. Meticulously selected wine is served here in a setting characterised by exclusive charm and enormous expertise, and Provianten also serves tempting organic delicacies, hot-pot dishes and homemade snacks from the south of France. A folkloric fount of life featuring excellent organic wines, a pub ambience, singing, romance and a convivial buzz – with communal dining every Thursday and Sunday jazz events all year round.


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