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A truthful story, enchantingly told’. This is the welcoming message on Sansâga’s website. Sansâga provides historical and cultural information during walks through Bornholm’s wide variety of natural settings – digital or live – and the Sansâga Walks app provides site-specific audio narratives and walks that you can listen to on your own smartphone – every day, all year round.


The people behind Sansâga have something to say. Something that goes beyond a good story and a walk. Sansâga wants to give Bornholm residents and tourists visiting the island an enchanting story based on the personal stories of previous generations rooted in the rugged countryside of Bornholm. Sansâga means ‘truthful story’, and Sansâga’s mission is to prise open the nature experiences and bring forth the stories that are connected to the landscape. These include Bornholm tales and legends embodying persuasive wisdom for Bornholm’s inhabitants of the past and which are still thought-provoking and entertaining for modern Bornholm residents and tourists to listen to. These tales and legends depict those who came before us, and Sansâga Walks enables Bornholm residents and visitors to explore Bornholm’s countryside and towns – exactly where the story took place. Right there where nature has more to offer than meets the eye, and where tales of life and death, war and love – and everything else in between – are connected to the site.


Sansâga Walks brings the listener into play in a new manner in nature and the surroundings. With a passion for storytelling, enchanting landscapes and local residents, Sansâga gives listeners an extraordinary sensory impression. They want listeners to feel a rush of awe when they realise that ‘it happened right here’. Almost like a scenic experience.

Tales emanating from the landscape


Their enthusiasm for vivid, enchanting storytelling derives from their general interest in people and the surroundings in which they exist. Wherever people live, there are tales and legends, and Sansâga is driven by their inquisitiveness into how to reforge the bonds between people and nature and get listeners to empathise with the historical events around which their stories revolve. .

Bornholm roots


Sansâga is a business based in Nexø. It was in this very spot on Bornholm that Jón Hallur Stefánsson and Lars Kofoed Rømer chose to settle with their families and where their hearts beat warmly for the scenic splendour, dramatic history and enchanting tales and legends of this rocky island in particular. Sansâga has projects on the Faroe Islands and here on Bornholm, and also hosts events, local development projects, lectures and much more besides. 


Read more about Sansâga’s work and what they have to offer on sansaga.dk. 





It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere


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