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A heavenly taste on your tongue makes you feel like closing your eyes. You are briefly and completely in the moment. Right now. Although the world keeps on going, your hand automatically reaches out for another toffee!
Karamel Kompagniet is the story of a tradition passed down from 1894. A worn-out cookery book repaired with tape and filled with small handwritten notes. It is the story of a sensory memory, especially of fragrances. It is the story of Anna Knightbridge, the founder of Karamel Kompagniet. And it is based on her grandmother’s cookery book from 1894 and its toffee recipe. It is her childhood memory of the sweet fragrance of caramelised sugar, butter and cream, as Grandmother stood in her kitchen in England, being observed by young Anna. It is the affection with which Grandmother stirred the contents of the copper kettle to make sure the toffee was soft without losing its bite. This is the sum of everything Anna is passing on and which constitutes the driving force behind Karamel Kompagniet.

It is a long way from England to Bornholm, where Anna Knightbridge opened her first shop in Gudhjem in 2004. But there is no distance between love and toffees. The original underlying intent remains the same. Karamel Kompagniet was founded to infuse taste experiences with immediacy. Every single toffee must evoke the joy of expectation, similar to unwrapping a present. The flavour of every single toffee must be so full-bodied that you can taste the maker’s painstaking tasks that went into it. That even the tiniest bite embodies a wholehearted effort. Everything produced by Karamel Kompagniet is concocted from the heart and celebrates the distinguished traditions of the artisan. Everything is done with responsibility and respect for our natural surroundings which must be passed down to future generations. This joy and these values emanate every day from Bornholm out into the surrounding world.

Toffee bar and toffee balls

Anna and her enthusiastic team of toffee-making colleagues are developing new toffee varieties all the time. In addition to the classic toffees, Karamel Kompagniet also makes a toffee bar and toffee balls, nicknamed ‘Sauntering Bars’ and ‘Sauntering Balls’. Delicious toffee delicately coated with chocolate – essential treats on hikes through the Bornholm countryside or simply for indulging yourself with a tasty delicacy.

Seasonal surprises

And you can be certain that your taste buds will be indulged at Karamel Kompagniet. All year long, they make seasonal ‘limited-edition’ variants that most of us look forward to. And if you are not on Bornholm and are unable to visit Karamel Kompagniet’s physical shops, you can always order Bornholm toffees from any number of distributors and at the online shop KaramelKompagniet.dk.


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