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Snaps by Rie Uldahl

As you ramble through the Bornholm countryside enjoying the scenery, you may be fortunate enough to run into Rie Uldahl gathering ingredients. These are a significant part of the unique Bornholm quality of her schnapps products: Bornholm’s wildlife enhances her prize-winning schnapps and liqueurs with flavour. The ingredients include oakwood, apples and blackberries, but the untraditional harbingers of spring – freshly opened beech leaves – are also found in her aromatic liquids, all of which are produced on the island. In addition to these, she has created an aquavit with flavours of dill, fennel and wormwood. The most recent addition to her product range is a limited edition cherry liqueur, aged in containers made of Bornholm oak. Only a limited supply of this exquisite version is available, so you’d better be quick if you want to taste it. All schnapps products are sold from her shop NORD at Glastorvet in Svaneke. Rie’s varieties of schnapps have also made inroads into various cocktail bars in Copenhagen and are sold in selected shops in Denmark.

Her stylish shop ‘NORD – Snaps by Rie Uldahl’ is a place for tasting, buying and getting good advice on how to use her schnapps products. Rie’s website also includes tips and recipes for daring cocktails, and there is an online shop for placing orders for direct delivery to your home. Over the summer, the shop houses a variety of pop-up events, so keep an eye on NORD – Snaps by Rie Uldahl’s Facebook page, where they will be announced.


After six years, NORD – Snaps by Rie Uldahl has stabilised its market position and achieved widespread recognition for high product quality. The first product to attract the attention of the seasoned judges was a schnapps made from caramelised apple and oakwood. It won the gold medal at the Bornholm Distilled Spirits Festival in 2016 and marked the launch of Rie’s growing enterprise. In 2017, the mild, refreshing beech schnapps won the silver medal at the Spirikum festival – the world championships in seasoned aquavit – in Copenhagen. At the Nordic Spirits Awards in January 2021, the blackberry liqueur won the silver medal in the ‘Bitters & Liqueurs’ category. The products in the competition were evaluated in terms of quality, and the care and creativity instilled in the product by its producer. And this is precisely the impression you will get. Rie has renewed the schnapps culture with her mild, flavourful varieties of schnapps, which are ideal accompaniments for traditional Danish luncheons, cheese platters and even desserts.


Rie has Bornholm in her blood. She was born and raised in Allinge, and as a child she played in the woods and on the rocks of North Bornholm. This is also primarily where she gathers the ingredients for her products. After having lived in Copenhagen where she became a qualified cook, she returned to Bornholm, filled with inspiration, and she came up with the idea of creating schnapps from the surrounding wildlife, with her childhood town as her base. This affiliation to the area resulted in the name ‘NORD – Snaps’, i.e. schnapps from the heart of North Bornholm.

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