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Snaps by Rie Uldahl

When taking a walk through the landscapes of Bornholm, you might run into Rie Uldahl, gathering ingredients for her schnapps. Rie’s award-winning schnapps are made with components of Bornholm’s nature, giving them their distinctive flavour. Oak, apples and blackberries, but also something as unusual as beech leaves are used in the aromatic drink, produced on Bornholm.

The schnapps are sold from the store, NORD, at Glastorvet in Svaneke. Rie’s schnapps have gained acceptance at a great number of cocktail bars in the Danish capital and are also sold  in a wide range of stores throughout the country.

Tasting Rie’s NORD-schnapps is an extraordinary experience. Rie’s mild and exhilarating schnapps has reinvigorated the schnapps culture, and are a great accoutrement to the traditional Danish lunches, cheeses and even desserts.

Pop-up-events and good advice

NORD-snaps by Rie Uldahl is a cozy store, located at Glastorvet in Svaneke. Here you can taste and buy Rie’s schnapps and get advice on what foods go well with what variant of Bornholm’s new schnapps. Sometimes, Rie tends to the store herself. The store also hosts a variety of pop-up-events every now and then during the summer. Keep an eye on Rie’s Facebook-page, NORD-snaps by Rie Uldahl, where pop-up-events are announced.

The Schnapps

After just three years on the market, Rie has achieved considerable recognition for her products.

The first schnapps to be noticed by renowned judges was the schnapps with caramelised apple and oak. It won gold at Bornholm’s Festival of Spirits in 2016. In 2017, the mild and fresh beech leaf schnapps won silver in the World Championship of Spiced Schnapps at the Spirikum-festival in Copenhagen, also known as Copenhagen Distillery.


Rie’s latest product is made with blackberries. It is not a schnapps per se, it is a schnapps liqueur. It is produced from wild blackberries, picked in Bornholm’s nature. She suggests enjoying it with your coffee after dinner or as a spicy ingredient in cocktails.

The bottlery

In Svaneke, close to the church, you will find NORD-snaps by Rie Uldahls latest endeavor: the bottlery. Here, you can follow the production at close range and will most likely be offered a sample or two. The bottlery is not always open, but stop by the store at Glastorvet to inquire about the bottlery’s opening hours.

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