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Wild Distillery

WILD Distillery is about gin with heart and nerve. This is the story of a passion for flavour and a vision of creating the perfect Nordic gin based on Bornholm wildlife. According to old artisanal traditions, deeply rooted in a fondness for nature, flavour and distillation, WILD Distillery produces an innovative gin series with revealing gustatory sensations that transcend our expectations of gin’s capabilities. With a background as a sommelier and maître d’hôtel, Henrik Nerst is the master distiller who has developed the distillery over the past three years with an eye for perfection and aesthetics down to the last detail. The exclusive gin series is founded on hand-picked herbs and wild juniper from Ravnedalen on the north tip of Bornholm. The aromatic ‘Wild Botanicals’ series is borne by umami and crisp tones of juniper with minimalist precision and balance. The ‘ENE’ series supplements this with subliminal shades of innovative aromas which complement the purpose of the gin and pamper your palate. The distillation of gin in the large, complex copper device involves a balancing act that you simply have to experience. And WILD Distillery is open to inquisitive gin enthusiasts every Thursday for a masterclass where you can personally experience and taste the story.


Distillate hearts

The wild gin is tamed with the precision of a perfectionist in the three phases of gin distillation: cutting heads, hearts and tails. The materialisation of the alcohols, which can be up to 87% in a WILD Distillery gin, is tasted and monitored with intensity. From the distillate heads’ components to a precise, deeply controlled extraction of the ethereal oils and volatile aromas found in the distillate hearts. Ultimately cutting the tails to remove bitter aromas from the final product. The consistent style and Nordic weft of WILD Distillery gins are the result of a scrupulous process where each phase is controlled and integrated into a whole that gives the gin its gastronomic signature and crystal-clear soul.

Wild perfection

The ‘ENE’ series from WILD Distillery takes the dry gin experience to new heights. With basic hues of juniper, each of the eight varieties has a unique twist such as tomato, coffee, hemp or sea buckthorn, as well as, of course, a somewhat mystical ‘navy strength’ for braving the seaside elements. With an alcohol content by volume of more than 57%, this provides brand-new opportunities for cocktails and raw pleasure. This is exclusive gin enthusiasm and expertise which, in beautifully aesthetic bottles, eliminates any thought of pine needles or Little Trees. This is secretive and wild perfection for discerning gin enthusiasts.


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