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Bornholms Ismejeri

Bornholms Ismejeri has been delivering innovative ice cream experiences since 2006, including sublime summer treats in the charming half-timbered shop in the sunny town of Svaneke, not to mention in supermarkets nationwide. Using local ingredients and embracing a global outlook, Bornholms Ismejeri creates new products that both taste fantastic and raise our expectations of what ice cream is actually capable of. Bornholms Ismejeri is a universe of interesting ice cream varieties and crème de la crème finesse, inspired by Nordic cuisine, local seasonal produce and exotic tastes from all over the world. The dairy’s accomplishments include concocting their very own blend of chocolate at leading chocolatiers in France and importing their own vanilla from Tahiti. Yet it is their interest in how local Bornholm ingredients can be used which is the essence of their unique products. From rhubarb, cherries and sun-ripened figs from Listed, to lavender, peaches and liquorice from local suppliers. The ambience is both retro décor and gourmet ice cream, which, in addition to the classical varieties of handmade ice cream, features ice cream flavoured with horse chestnuts, sea buckthorn, fir needles and even beer. The ice cream parlour in Svaneke also serves iced drinks with wonderful ice cream concoctions accented with alcohol or fresh-brewed coffee, not to mention classic ice cream in a waffle cone infused with a wild streak of inventiveness.

The tale of the gooseberry compote

It all started in a garden brimming with sun-ripened fruits and an ice cream maker on the kitchen worktop. An untouched portion of classic, Danish gooseberry compote, made from the garden’s berries, was idling away in the kitchen of the Bengtson & Bohn family, when someone got the urge to put it through the ice cream maker, marking the beginning of a creative ice cream venture. After creating unique ice cream flavours from Danish berry specialities such as gooseberry and red currant, Vibeke Bengtson and her husband Jonas Bohn moved on to start experimenting and developing other products. With a shared passion for flavour and quality, they are constantly testing and tasting new combinations, and Bornholms Ismejeri currently supplies unique ice cream products to restaurants, shops and supermarkets all over Denmark.

The coffee bar with amiable ice cream servers

Bornholms Ismejeri’s coffee bar in the old merchant town of Svaneke is a retro coffee bar with a difference. It serves gourmet ice cream and new flavour concepts that are not available elsewhere. Because this is what Bornholms Ismejeri is capable of: delivering bold, delicious new varieties of classic products. Although Bornholms Ismejeri is founded on classic values that never go out of style, it is continuously pushing the envelope with new concepts and flavours. Old-fashioned and modern aspects are reflected in both the dairy and the coffee bar, where amiable local ice-cream servers wearing pastel-coloured headbands provide smiling, friendly service.


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