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In a former bicycle basement in the heart of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, two friends from Bornholm started their first caramel cookery. With an open kitchen and adjacent store, a longtime dream had been realized. The dream continued, and after just two years the two owners were able to invite customers inside to experience yet another charming and atmospheric caramel cookery located at the idyllic harbor in their native town of Svaneke.

Common to both caramel cookeries is that during the same visit, you will experience both the cookery and gift shop. The gift shop presents their caramels, wrapped in glistening cellophane, in large wooden crates and an assortment of lovely, pastel-colored gift boxes. In the cookery, you can be entertained watching how the craftsmanship of caramel cooking unfolds. Visitors are delighted watching the caramel mass poured, cut, kneaded and shaped by hand. All the while, getting to sample the freshly made, luke-warm caramels.

Be mesmerized by the pouring out of the warm caramel mass onto the cooling table and watch as it is kneaded. Adults and children alike are fascinated as the fast-moving packing machine individually wraps each caramel in glistening cellophane.

The ambience in the store clearly springs from a deep-seated passion for the craftsmanship of cooking caramel. Those wishing to take home a genuine taste of Bornholm can treat themselves to a jar of hard caramels, known as ‘Klippestykker’ (cliff pieces), with names such as Bornholm Granite and Rokkesten, inspired by the nature of the owners’ native island

How it started

As early as high school, the two girlfriends, Charlotte and Tine, knew that one day they would start a company together. So, when the idea of a caramel cookery arose, they wasted no time pursuing it. The two decisive and determined girls bravely threw themselves into endless experiments to discover the perfect blend of ingredients. The classical caramel consistency was to be challenged, and different flavors were to be tested. After over a year of testing, the recipes were finally perfect.

The time was well spent, as Karamelleriet came to be a huge success. However, the experimenting has, luckily, not ended. They continuously develop new and exciting variants. The latest invention is a series consisting of classic caramels covered in Belgian chocolate. The first one was named, ”Hr. Fornem.” Elegant, exclusive and extremely addicting.

Traditional production

Quality craftsmanship, together with longtime cooking, is one of the cornerstones at Karamelleriet. This is exemplified in the use of their copper pots and the 100+ year old mechanical batch roller, which is still going strong. With the combination of nostalgia and a modern look, Karamelleriet’s stores are a cornucopia of beautifully designed gifts.

‘Bornholmsk Granit’ in the ‘Dusk’

There is not denying Karamelleriet’s love of Bornholm. The name of their popular series, “Klippestykker”, alone reveals the owners’ inspiration from the birth island. The hard caramel variants have names such as “Rokkesten” and “Bornholms Granit.” The softer caramels names reflect their softer nature. Take ”Tusmørke” (Dusk) for example, which is their softest fudge covered in chocolate and gently drizzled with licorice. Flavors, including licorice, salmiak, eucalyptus and passionfruit, resemble the nature of Bornholm: surprising, exotic and deliciously raw.

For those craving something tangy, Karamelleriet offers three variants of fruit caramels, which are soft and smooth, yet still have a gentle bite: Strawberry, citrus and raspberry-vanilla. Karamelleriet makes flavors for every palate. As Tine and Charlotte say, “Who would not like to sit with ‘Mr. Fornem’ eating ‘Bornholmsk Granit’ in the ‘Dusk?’”. Chew on that.

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