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Nexø is a dynamic, developing town. This is due not least to the many start-ups and entrepreneurs, but also to local residents who still believe in the uniqueness of Nexø. One of them is Lene Holm, who has been running Brillehûzet for fifteen years. According to Lene and her staff, Brillehûzet has Nexø’s best views of all. The shop is situated on the waterfront, where the fishing vessels once landed voluminous catches of fish. Today, the harbour facilities are mostly used by yachting enthusiasts.

Brillehûzet’s staff specialise in just about everything to do with vision: from difficulty seeing, dry eyes and vision training to fancy sunglasses. All you have to do is drop in, even if you only need to get a screw tightened or you just want to hang out, because Lene and her staff like it when people drop in. It’s enlivening and stimulating.

Brillehûzet prioritises having an edge in relation to colleagues in their sector. They strive to be not just an ‘ordinary’ optician’s shop selling glasses, but a place where even discerning customers don’t come in vain. Besides the familiar brands, the shop sells products made by small companies, such as funky glasses from the Belgian company Theo, sustainable sunglasses from James Ay or handmade glasses from MYKITA in Berlin. You’re sure to find a pair of glasses that will fit your look and personality.

Even if you don’t wear glasses, there are other goods reason for dropping by Brillehûzet, because the shop also sponsors events, exhibits art and occasionally hosts a Friday happy hour event.


Glasses are not just a piece of equipment that helps you see better. They also accentuate your personality. Some prefer neutral spectacles, while others prefer the truly remarkable kind. Lene and her staff are adept at finding glasses that actually enhance the look of the wearer. It can also become a sport, which is why it comes as no surprise that Brillehûzet’s hashtag is #kjærlighedtilbriller (fondness for glasses). At Brillehûzet they’re fond of both glasses and people.


Now and then, whenever the staff come up with something that they think could be fun or exciting, they organise a lecture or other type of event at Brillehûzet, both during and after opening hours. Previous events include rum tasting, a lecture about children with learning difficulties and an art auction for the benefit of the Danish Cancer Society. Everyone is welcome – friends, family and customers alike.

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