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Nexø is an evolving city. Due in part to the many startup businesses, but also the locals that have a steadfast belief that Nexø offers something special and unique. One of these locals is Lene Holm who has operated Brillehûzet for 13 years.

According to Lene and her staff, Brillehûzet has the best view in Nexø, neighboring the expansive harbour where fishing boats used to haul in their impressive catches. Today, is mostly recreational boaters that make use of the harbor.

At Brillehûzet, you will find expert specialists to assist you with every need from eye problems to fancy sunglasses. Just stop by, even if you just need a screw tightened in your glasses or want to browse. Lene and her staff enjoy visitors and the energy they add to their boutique. 

Funky glasses from cutting edge designers

Brillehûzet aims to be different than most other opticians by carrying cutting edge products. Upcoming brands sit side by side more well-established brands like Ørgreen and Lindberg. There are not many who have heard of the funky glasses from Theo in Belgium, sunglasses from KBL or the hand-made glasses from MYKITA in Berlin.

At Brillehûzet, even the most selective customer will find what they are looking for. This carefully crafted selection is reflected in Brillehûzet’s slogan, “The Love of Glasses.”

A passion for glasses and people

When approaching Brillehûzet, you will notice something amiss. There are neither advertisements from eyeglass manufacturers or contact lens companies, nor broad sales banners in the windows. Instead, arts and crafts from various local artists, both upcoming and established, are displayed throughout the store.  

Now and then, the staff arrange something they think is fun and exciting. Events, both during and after opening hours, have included rum tasting, a speaker talking about children’s learning disabilities, and even an art auction for The Danish Cancer Society. Every Friday, they host a “Friday bar,” where family, friends, and customers are welcome.

At Brillehûzet, you will experience their passion for both people and glasses.

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