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Hélène Duffau

Hélène Duffau is a French jewelry designer living on Bornholm. When visiting one of her  tastefully designed stores, her talent becomes obvious. One of her stores are located at Store Torv in Rønne, the other in the southern town of Svaneke, in the charming square “Glastorvet”.

It is no surprise that there is an air of quality craftsmanship surrounding Hélène Duffau. In her stores, you find only gold, silver, gemstones, and genuine pearls – mainly Tahitipearls.
Apart from Hélène Duffau’s own jewelry designs, which are produced in various European countries, she also carries unique pieces of jewelry that she has personally selected at international jewelry trade fairs.

Humble luxury

There is no denying Hélène Duffau’s French heritage. Her jewelry designs, the interior decoration of her stores and the selection of exclusive jewelry and luxurious scarves she sells at her stores all have a touch of French class.  

Upon entering one of her stores, you will experience a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the soothing sound of jazz music. Hélène’s stores not only cater to people with good taste, but you will also receive knowledgeable and personalized service – and if you wish – guidance in how to choose jewelry that suits you. Hélène’s stores carry rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants in classic designs, but also more modern and contemporary jewelry pieces.

Contemporary and classic design

If you ask Hélène what inspires her design choices, her answer is prompt and unwavering: She mixes trending, contemporary styles with classic designs. With 30 years of experience from her stores in Copenhagen and nine years on Bornholm, she knows what her clientele wants.

You can easily picture beautiful ladies on the capital’s red carpets wearing pieces from Hélène Duffau’s collections. Luckily, she has a large assortment of jewelry in her stores, making it effortless to find jewelry pieces for everyday wear.

Available online

Although visiting Hélène Duffau’s website doesn’t quite compare to visiting one of her stores, you still get a sense of exclusivity when you stop by on-line. At her website, you can purchase any piece of jewelry you might have fallen in love with during your vacation, but just didn’t find the time to go back and acquire. Hélène Duffau happily ships the jewelry to you. However, a visit to one of Hélène’s stores comes highly recommended, so be sure to treat yourself to the experience of shopping at Hélène Duffau’s.

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