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Bornholms Kunstmuseum

The Bornholm Art Museum is situated along the coast road near Døndalen valley, scenically nestled between Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Rocks) and hilly fields frequently grazed by Scottish Highland cattle.
Upon arriving at the Bornholm Art Museum, you encounter various sculptures placed around the building. The most eye-catching is probably Jørgen Haugen Sørensen’s sculpture of a man with a pig’s head.
The white museum building was constructed in 1993, and is considered a masterpiece of Danish architecture. Once inside, your attention is soon drawn to the spring, flowing in the floor all the way down through the museum. This is the sacred spring after which the Helligdomsklipperne rock formations are named.
The permanent exhibition of the Bornholm Art Museum comprises art and craft art, all of which is associated with Bornholm. This includes paintings by renowned Bornholm natives Oluf Høst, Kristian Zahrtmann and Michael Ancher, but the works of quite a few modern artists also adorn walls and podiums.
The museum is a must if you have even an inkling of interest in art or architecture. A visit to the museum is easy to combine with an invigorating walk through Døndalen valley or along Helligdomsklipperne, and if all this activity works up your appetite, the museum café is highly recommended.

Emil Westman Hertz & Martin Bigum

As well as the permanent exhibition, the Bornholm Art Museum almost always features a special exhibition. For instance, there has previously been an exhibition of the works of Emil Westman Hertz, whose paintings and sculptures were highly acclaimed shortly before his premature death. In a completely different genre, the works of interdisciplinary artist Martin Bigum, inspired by cartoons, were the subject of an exhibition in 2015.
This summer’s big special exhibition is LEGACY, featuring the works of Maria Rubinke, who works in clay and bronze. The exhibition runs from 9 June to 15 September and invites visitors to explore the fantastic world of Maria Rubinke. Also, summer and late summer will see two more exhibitions: the graduation exhibition from the glass and ceramics line at the School of Design, Bornholm, under the Royal Danish School of Fine Arts Bornholm, and an exhibition by Bornholm goldsmith Per Suntum.

Bring the kids

Children are very welcome at the Bornholm Art Museum. It is always possible for them to create their own works of art if they get tired of looking at the works of Bornholm art. They can also be sent on a different type of animal hunt, where they have to find various animals in the museum’s works of art.

The museum shop sells products for people of all ages. It has fascinating, stimulating toys, which take art as their inspiration.

Occasionally the museum hosts workshops specially for children. On 29 June, for example: Art for Children: “Jørgen Haugen Sørensen”, where a guide helps the children explore and examine the unique sculptural works of Jørgen Haugen Sørensen.

Join the Museum Society

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the Bornholm Art Museum calendar, and maybe even becoming a member of the Museum Society. Because  something new is happening all the time – also outside those lovely white buildings along the northern coast of Bornholm. There are concerts, events and films, and even trips and tours for members of the Museum Society.

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