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In recent years, the number of building projects has sharply risen all over Denmark. Some want to build a new home, refurbish or rebuild as private individuals. Others want to build commercial property, such as a shop, café, factory, farm, warehouse, educational facility or daycare institution.

No matter the project, the builder/developer is responsible for getting the legal and constructional details under control before he/she can get started on the building project.


As the developer, one often thinks in terms of the exciting plans envisaged for a building project once it is completed. Less attention is probably given to details like static calculations which ensure that the load-bearing structures are sufficiently strong, or getting the required fire-proofing advice to ensure being warned in time and not perishing in the flames and to keep the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings.


Anders is the man

Although these issues may seem daunting, they are everyday routine for Bornholm native Anders Finne. Anders is the man behind Bornholmsk Byggesagsbehandling ApS, and he provides (certified) advice about all the factors before, during and after a building project. This applies to building projects all over Denmark, not just on Bornholm. Anders can ensure that the above-mentioned factors are in order and that your building project has the optimum specifications in terms of acoustics, lighting, energy and ventilation. He has in-depth knowledge of the building code, which enables him to be responsible for applying for building and use permits, including any drawings required.  


If you want to successfully complete your building project, it is a good idea to have a chat with Anders before you get started. 


Your building project will be in safe hands at Bornholmsk Byggesagsbehandling ApS.


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