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Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is housed in one of Svaneke’s old merchant estates, centrally located on the old town square. The entryway to the bright yellow half-timbered building attests to the microbrewery restaurant’s link to a history that goes far back in time. To an era before the lovely market town had become a beloved and renowned tourist destination, when its business community prospered from the driving economic force of its ports and ships. The market town’s microbrewery restaurant revolves around beer. This very same four-winged merchant’s estate from 1750 was where Svaneke Bryghus started one of Denmark’s first microbreweries in 2000. Even if the primary production of beer is now relocated to the edge of town, the microbrewery restaurant still serves as the master brewer’s playground and laboratory. Unique craft beers, served to restaurant patrons only, are brewed in the large copper kettles inside the restaurant. The menu and the homemade food follow the seasonal selection of local produce, and the hallmarks are expertise and aesthetics. The dishes are well-conceived and carefully prepared from scratch. They aim to provide guests with an authentic gastronomic experience where quality and taste go hand in hand with the restaurant’s distinctive brewery atmosphere and passion for beer.

Authentic food and beer

At Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant, food and beer go hand in hand, and the kitchen serves lunch, dinner, brunch and takeaways. It serves its authentic food with rustic refinement, local produce and beer. Beer is an ingredient in many of the dishes on the menu, such as the legendary spare ribs marinated in beer, also called bryggerben(brewer’s ribs) The menu is accompanied by an exclusive selection of beer and a beer menu from Svaneke Brewery. The restaurant’s beer kellnerand sommelier – and the friendly staff – are always willing to talk about the food and beer, because a guiding principle at Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is that quality takes time and care.

Bar and master brewer

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant features an authentic microbrewery atmosphere with rustic aesthetics and exclusive details: imposing exposed beams, a warm tiled floor and solid Bornholm woods. In cooperation with local artists and builders, the brewery tradition is accentuated by tasteful interior décor, comfortably designed furniture, and walls decorated with beer texts by Svaneke artist Jane Hamilton. Built around the large copper kettle is a bar where patrons can take a break and savour one of the restaurant’s many craft brews. On the wall of the ‘Master Brewer’s Corner’ is an artistic silhouette of the master brewer himself. The atmosphere, the beer and the authentic atmosphere provide a sensual, consummate taste experience. Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is in a class all its own.




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