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A small textile business opened in Svaneke in 2001, located in the former warehouse in Brænderigænget leading from Svaneke square to the waterfront. The business is named Kokolores and it is owned by the affable Timmi Kromann. She makes knitwear and designs textile clothing. Kokolores is doing so well that Timmi has won distinguished awards and has exhibited in many renowned venues. Most recently at the Louvre Pyramid, along with nine other carefully selected craft artists from Denmark.

Timmi’s design style is feminine and colourful, yet stringent. Timmi is opposed to the “throwaway” mentality, so her clothing is durable in terms of both styles and materials, and it is comfortable to wear. Accordingly, she uses only quality materials.


Kokolores is a German slang word meaning something along the lines of ingenuity, which says a lot about Timmi Kromann.

She grew up in northern Germany where handicrafts were a part of everyday life. This meant that she learned many textile-working skills at a very young age. This was where her fascination with creating and shaping textiles with a needle and thread began. She was actually on a sabbatical year from her midwifery job in Germany when she came to Bornholm in 1990, but she fell in love with the island and never returned to Germany. Instead, she completed a textile designer study programme, specialising in knitwear, and subsequently opened her shop and workshop.

Innovation and love of people

When Timmi designs her collections, she makes prototypes and has the clothing produced by a dressmaking factory. Her knitwear is different. She knits most of this collection herself in her Brænderigænget workshop. Timmi deliberately does this, because she feels she is part of a craft art community and enjoys the process of physically processing the yarn.

Timmi frequently points to the transformative nature of being a textile designer. She is inspired by her surroundings and transforms them. First she discards what is unnecessary to reach the core, and then she embarks on an innovation process. She wants her clothing to accentuate, not define, the wearer’s personality. This is how she describes herself and Kokolores: “My small textile business embodies a deep love of people.”

Prestigious awards

Timmi is a member of ACAB (Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm) and represents Denmark on the World Crafts Council (WCC), tasked with promoting Danish craft art all over the world. She has earned distinguished awards for her work. She has been represented in Denmark’s Craft Collection and has received the FORM prize in Germany, both of them for her popular neck warmer. Drop in to see Timmi’s small design universe in Brænderigænget.



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