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Râzapâz Vinbar & Spiseri is centrally located on the lively, pedestrian-friendly Laksetorv square in Rønne. Râzapâz is the Bornholm word for ‘unconventional’ and, as the name suggests, the wine bar and eatery takes formalities lightly. Râzapâz is run by 32-year-old Bornholm native Patrick Hult, who has returned to the island after gathering experience as a waiter and maître d’hôtel for restaurants such as Noma, Frederiksminde and Studio.

Finery is on the back burner, replaced by Patrick’s lessons learnt to create a lively venue in a homely setting with the quintessence of hospitality. When you arrive, you immediately encounter the ‘rolled-up-sleeves-and-big-smile attitude’. You promptly relax and feel at home, almost as if you were in your holiday home. The style is both vintage and ‘Mad House’ with bottles arranged from floor to ceiling on the wall. Hundreds of everyday and rare wines stand side by side, and the staff gladly help you find the right wine, whatever your preferences. According to the menu on the chalkboard, you can choose from a few café classics with a twist, a savoury tapas platter, or a five-course menu of amusing, creative dishes.

And you needn’t go far to find other taste experiences or a room for the night, because next door to the wine bar is Râzapâz’s cosy restaurant and beer pub: Restaurant Øl & Tjød (‘øl’ meaning beer and ‘tjød’ being the Bornholm word for meat). This establishment gives special treatment to beer connoisseurs and serves delicious meals for the whole family. It is also possible to spend the night at the charming Sniva B&B Hotel. All three venues are gathered in a charming old town house with its own vegetable garden and palm plants in the courtyard. Râzapâz is the quintessence of holiday.

Øl & Tjød (beer and meat) with Râzapâz

There is a lot to see and taste at Restaurant Øl & Tjød, on Laksetorv square in Rønne. The tropical atmosphere with down-to-earth elegance of high wooden panelling, animal wallpaper and a wild selection of (especially local) beers and delicious meals of savoury meat will make everyone happy. You don’t need to be a beer connoisseur, as Patrick Hult welcomes you to Râzapâz’s relaxed atmosphere with its folksy gourmet philosophy. Top priority is given to classic dishes for the whole family with lots of help and expertise on the details, not least the beer.

Would you like to snooze at Sniva?

Sniva B&B Hotel is a cosy Bohemian hotel in the colourful district around Laksetorv square in Rønne, providing pure relaxation and casual living. It is possible to sniva (snooze) or sava (sleep) here and enjoy a modestly priced stay with vintage aesthetics and personal service in the centre of the bustling town. The venue offers weekday, weekend and spontaneous overnight stays for couples, families or business travellers. Râzapâz’s restaurants – Øl & Tjød and Râzapâz Vinbar & Spiseri – are housed in the same building and included in the offer to its guests.



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